Mizzou continues its April hot streak, breaks into national top 25


April is a wonderful time, especially in the northern reaches of SEC territory. Those areas are just beginning to thaw out from winter. For Mizzou football fans, they can point to this awesome month as one of the most productive their football program has ever seen.

One month ago, the Tigers had two players on board and were dwarfed by what other SEC powers were doing, recruiting wise. But from April 1 on, it has been a flurry of activity that has seen the Tigers do everything from nail down their future superstar quarterback (Drew Lock) to attracting a bruising (and highly coveted, nationally) running back (Nate Strong) to snagging a huge tight end out of Georgia’s backyard (Daniel Imatorbhebhe). And to cap it all off, five-star defensive end prospect Terry Beckner named Mizzou his leader after a recent visit to campus.

In all the program has added six commitments in 20 days and is now rated the No. 22 class in the nation. And if somehow Beckner came along soon, expect a huge bump in those rankings.

This weekend, Mizzou added its eighth commitment in the class of 2015 when talented in-state defensive back Cameron Hilton entered the fray. The 6-foot-1, 175-pound prospect is from St. Louis, and he’d been courted heavily by Vanderbilt and other schools, but in the end he wanted to stay home and play for the rising SEC East program.

“Yeah it really has been a good month,” Hilton told Saturday Down South this weekend. “I think all of the commits really do believe that we have a great chance to do great things at Mizzou … I don’t think the excitement is just coming from the success of Mizzou last year. It’s definitely something bigger.”

And playing in the SEC?

“It’s just the idea of that I’ll be playing against the other best players in the nation. You’ll have to put it all out there every game. And from what I’ve heard it’s a great way for pro scouts to evaluate you because you’re playing the best football.”

Editor’s note: Saturday Down South’s references to ratings follow the 247Sports.com composite rankings for high school prospects.


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  • Mauk has changed his completion % from 50% in 2013 to 60% in spring of 2014 and it is still growing. Add the fact that the only reason Missouri’s Franklin wasn’t considered in the top three quarterbacks in the SEC was probably his bad luck with injuries. The SEC has not seen a Missouri with a Chase Daniel type quarterback yet. The football nation has not seen Missouri with a gap-less offense and defensive roster since two #1 national rankings ago. The NCAA has a lot of great football programs and rosters to admire, but the last media and other-patriot fans thinking Missouri doesn’t belong in the discussion about the state of the art soon will be enlightened. Rosters only take a team so far however, Missouri’s coaching staff has to be determined to professionalize every developmental lesson in modern football. Are you reading this Missouri staff? There is a difference between being very good and being great. Study up and take the next step along with your new recruits.

    • Maty is and will be a real good QB, but I would not read too much into completion percentage in the spring. All spring games and spring scrimmages are “rigged”, for one outcome or another. Not saying they fix the points or anything, but it helps a QB immensely knowing he will not be hit. Not to mention, not spring scrimmage or spring game opens the playbook. They are all vanilla on both sides. Good luck to y’all in ’14! See ya in the Zoo!

      • thanks, good points, it’s even better if the comparison includes a steady increase in completion percentage in all situations, and even then one can argue that risk and incomplete passes have a value because they spread the defense.

  • man Wolfman! you’re extremely extremely excited for this coming season. I’m excited also but I want to wait and see if any key injuries happen in the fall practices. if we can get Ofodile and Terry B. perhaps another key recruit from Florida or Georgia before signing days we could end up with the best class in Missouri History

    • hey Zoucat, yah I think Missouri has another SEC contender in 2014, but I think SC, GA, AL, AU, aTm, TN, could also win it. LSU, OMs, FL, could be in the top 4, so I’m counting too many out. I also think other conferences could land a hard team to beat in the play-off. After the first conference game last year, however, I started telling my football buddies that Missouri had a National Championship contender because they were good and the team that would improve every week. (what a hoot from the crowd that triggered) But it was right on except their improvement slowed in the final 3 weeks. Auburn by contrast had their best game of the year against Missouri, but got by on luck in at least one previous game. I think Auburn played Florida State the way Missouri played South Carolina. Are you sure Missouri’s fate rides on those recruits, I mean is it possible that they have a deeper depth chart already than you think? One thing I would like to see is the TE talent pool used smarter. What’s wrong with using two tight ends in a playbook to make the perimeter of the box unstable. As you know I’m not a believer in the star rating system as a detailed prediction tool.