Mizzou has had some gems-in-the-rough in past decade


Mizzou’s recruiting classes usually get overlooked–and that has proven to be, well … dumb.

Chase Daniel was a winner in high school but wasn’t anywhere close to a five-star recruit. Jeremy Maclin was a little more highly regarded but still wasn’t anywhere near a five-star prospect. Sheldon Richardson and Dorial Green-Beckham got their recruiting credit, and on the field they’ve delivered. There have been some impressive No. 1 Mizzou recruits in the past decade. Take a look.

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Keep in mind, our SDS Grades are based on whether the kid lived up to his tremendous potential by succeeding on the field and for the most part avoiding trouble off of it–we’re not grading our media brethren’s prognostications. When an athlete receives a top rating, that means analysts and coaches feel the prospect is athletically gifted enough to succeed, whether he does or not is mostly up to him.

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Here’s a look back over the last 10 years at who was the No. 1 ranked high school recruit coming to the program—and also how they panned out, career wise.

2013 Josh Augusta DT 236 Played in 8 games as true Fr., decent early contributor B
2012 Dorial Green-Beckham WR 1 Outstanding receiver, some minor off-field problems prevent A+ A
2011 Shane Ray DE 386 Really came alive in 2013; looks to be headed toward solid 4-yr career B
2010 Nick Demien OL 115 Fourth year on campus in ‘13, still not a starter; career backup C
2009 Sheldon Richardson DT 30 Went JUCO first, then returned and became 1st round NFL draft pick A+
2008 Blaine Gabbert QB 34 1st round NFL draft pick; threw for 6,822 yds, 40 TDs in 2 years A+
2007 Michael Keck DE 81 Played sparingly as Fr., transfer to Missouri St. then out of football F
2006 Jeremy Maclin WR n/a 1st round NFL draft pick; caught a ton of passes; very productive A+
2005 Chase Daniel QB n/a Heisman contender junior year; award winning college career A+
2004 Chase Patton QB 94 Backed up Chase Daniel his final two seasons D

NOTE: Rankings based on 247Sports composite rankings—which were done retroactively within the past year, taking the average of all four services.


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  • His name was Michael Keck. I’m glad Mizzou made the jump to the SEC. Other than being snubbed by Bama for the Sugar Bowl, the Conference and it’s fans have been great. There is no SDS in the Big 12, as football season ends when Kwho basketball begins. #MIZ #SEC

  • It’s bewildering how a program can win the Big 12 north twice and now the SEC east, plus have more wins in the other years than all but a very few programs, over the past decade, and still have their top ranked recruit be #386 or #236. Then look at their players in the NFL. They have to be both smarter than the star raters and good teachers. It will be very interesting to see where the roster recruits from over the next 5 years. Right now the shift is less dependent on Texas, very diverse in SEC states, and I like the players they are taking in Missouri. 2014 RSfr. Biesel, Printz, Hosick, and the big horses of that class like Augusta who is already contributing. This new atmosphere of recruits is not just talented, they are winning personalities. I also like the Josh Henson + Dave Steckel opposite coordinators dynamic. I think they amplify one another. We are truly seeing a return of the great Faurot and Divine years.

    • It’s a great crop of kids coming in. Keep an eye on my buddy Finis Stribling. Gets ZERO recruit on the recruiting circuit but he has that spirit to bust out and prove something. He LOVES Mizzou, You should see his Facebook page every day. He and Xavier Dampeer going to Auburn might be the most pumped up I’ve seen about where they are going.

  • I would of given Chase Patton an incomplete grade, since he backed up Daniel and only saw mop up work. I also think that rankings are affected by who is recruiting the kids. If Alabama starts to get interested in a kid then his ranking starts moving up because if Alabama is looking at him then he must be better than where he is currently ranked at. Great article!