Mizzou begins hot recruiting streak with pickup of four-star OL


Mizzou fans are excited about the next few weeks of recruiting news, and there was no better way to kick it off than the bonus pickup of an out-of-state four-star lineman this week.

A.J. Harris is a 6-foot-4, 300-pound guard out of Stiwell (Kan.). But he’s not going to be playing for Bill Snyder or Charlie Weis with either of the two in-state Big 12 schools, and he won’t be heading to Ohio State in the Big Ten. Arkansas made a run at him too, but that didn’t work either.

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Nope, he’s fired up about the season Mizzou had last fall and how the Tigers figured prominently into the SEC race for a championship. And with four-star legacy QB Drew Lock announcing his college decision next week, and other four-star players like Natereace Strong and Alex Ofodile looking like strong possibilities to land with the Tigers in the future–this could be one of the more impressive Mizzou classes in recent memory.


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  • Brian, class 2015? Harris looks like he has some gifts. Expand on the legacy for those who don’t know. I coached on the state line in KC. I had great chemistry between my Kansas and Missouri players. It’s like they respect each other and are driven to out-do one another for the team. Talk radio in KC however cant seem to recognize what a great contribution and experience these Kansas young men have. Television and the Star Newspaper more than make up for it showcasing all these Missouri and Kansas athletes.

  • Drew’s dad Andy played at Mizzou in the 1980s, that’s all I meant by the legacy comment. Andy’s a great guy, as is Drew. Good peeps.

  • Via twitter: “@Frank_Cusumano: After more conversations with East St. Louis H.S. football people an hour ago, I have great feeling #Mizzou may clean up in recruiting”

  • I don’t know about us cleaning up, but we could have another top 25 recruiting class which comes every once in a blue moon. if we can land Lock & Ofodile along with the two kids from East st Louis, that would be a pretty good class to start with. throw in a couple of really good recruits from Georgia and Florida, and we’d be well on our way. we might even with our finishhlast year be able to steal a top recruit or two. on a side note kudos to SEC basketball

    • By “cleaning up” he meant that we have a good shot at getting commitments from all of the East St. Louis recruits we have offered, and more specifically the two ESL guys you mentioned, Natereace Strong and Terry Beckner Jr. We are also in the mix for 2017 recruit Jeff Thomas, and if we decided to offer other 2015 ESL guys, they would be likely to commit. Signing Greg Taylor did wonders for our relationship with that school. And on a side note, TBJr is about as “top” as you can get

    • What goes for recruiting when you DON’T get the top star rated classes…..goes for recruiting when you DO get the top star rated classes. Let’s call it the Henry Josey factor since he is the latest example. It’s not who you were in high school, and it’s not who you want to become in the NFL, it’s what you want to give to your college team. The biggest thing St. Louis has to show-me (Mizzou) is not signing, it’s whether the signees will turn out to think like (recent example) T.J.Moe OR some of the very recent criminals Mizzou almost immediately sent back home. Some of this attitude is reflected even in St. Louis institutions like the St. Louis Post Dispatch, they want Mizzou to start St. Louis recruits but they are the top critics of Mizzou. How exactly is that ever going to match up? So I think it is NOT about locking down the State, or St. Louis, or Kansas City. It is about being open to talent from all over the world, USA, getting the very best…100 men, heart-mind-body-soul in every recruit for every role in the plan. This does include, however, recruiting men who are proud to be from Missouri, or from the Mid-west, or have Mizzou family connections. (That’s why some great players come from rural Missouri where everyone you know is from Missouri for 5 generations). When Missouri has a graduating class of 5 great running backs, they have to get the Montee Balls, and let the Washingtons go somewhere else.

  • we have the least number of entrants into the NCAA tournament of all the power conferences and yet we dominate the Final Four. SEC SEC SEC.