Mizzou legacy says he’s not a Lock to play QB for Tigers


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Drew Lock is in one of those odd situations where everybody in the world claims to know his college destination already … except Drew Lock.

Welcome to the world of a ‘legacy’. It’s not a bad word at all. It means a father played ball and his alma mater wouldn’t mind taking his son, too. It’s all positive, but it’s a bit irritating that everybody just figures it’s a no-brainer that you’ll follow your dad. In the Lock family’s case, father Andy Lock played in the 1980s at Missouri. And the family still lives in Missouri in Lee’s Summit. So naturally, Drew will follow in his dad’s footsteps and everything will be peaches and cream, right?

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All except that the younger Lock really wants to give the other college coaches a chance to do their job and make their pitch. Tennessee is making quite the push for his quarterbacking services … and the Volunteers need a quarterback, badly.

“Coach (Butch) Jones is a great guy, to say the least, and I really enjoy talking to him—he really connects with you, not that the other coaches don’t,” Lock told Saturday Down South. “When me and my dad were in Tennessee, we learned a lot from him. He has gotten the ball rolling. He sells the school. He knows what it can be and does a good job.”

“It’s definitely on the top there, and it’s going to be a hard decision. With its (very strong) 2014 class and how much they’re producing and it all hasn’t had a full chance to get going yet, and with them needing a quarterback and Mizzou having a good one already (Maty Mauk), it’s a hard situation”

Still, the draw of playing for the Tigers–his dad’s school, his home-state school … the school that had such an impressive 2013 season in the SEC. That’s what makes this so difficult.

“It definitely impressed me,” Lock told SDS. “I was at the Texas A&M game when (Mizzou) won that, and you could feel it. It was an outstanding experience. It definitely has brought some pub to our state.

“There’s a part of me that really wants to get all of this done before the summer. I don’t want to go my whole summer with all of this on my mind. I just want to be a kid. Then there’s another part of me that wants to use all the time I think I need. That’s something my dad and I have talked about. All in all, it’s that line people say, that it’s all a good problem to have. Not everybody gets this opportunity and I know there’s a ton of guys who are juniors and sophomores that would love to be going through this.

“I never take any of the pressure as a bad thing, it’s never only half full to me.”

Editor’s note: Saturday Down South’s references to ratings follow the 247Sports.com composite rankings for high school prospects.


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  • Please stay home Drew!

  • If he wants this done before summer, I like Missouri’s chances.

  • If MIZZOU isn’t the right fit for you Drew, don’t take it to hard when you get beat by the home town team! LOL’s

    • haha I wouldn’t count on that for too long. Butch Jones has Tennessee heading back to where it’s always been. That’s not good news for anybody in the East. Missouri had it’s good year, and they’ve been a good team recently, aside from one season two years ago. If this kid goes to Tennessee, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he’ll be playing on one of the more competitive teams in the East. If Florida and Tennessee come back strong, Georgia and SC stay where they are, and Mizzou keeps their momentum the SEC East could become one of the better divisions in college football….and potentially start challenging the West.

  • Where should he go?,QUESTIONS a. best education b. best chance to go to NFL c. best place for family to see him play d. best support from team mates e. best scheme to fit his abilities. ANSWERS A. MISSOURI HAS TO BE CLOSE TO TOP B. MISSOURI LAST THREE QUARTERBACKS IN THE NFL AND FRANKLIN HAS A GOOD CHANCE C. MISSOURI D. MISSOURI E. have not seen film of him? So Drew, here’s a prayer for your best decision, wherever you land.

  • what if Mauk continues to perform well making few mistakes he could be gone by time drew Lock was a sophomore. after a redshirt season.f

  • I know nothing about this young man. But I noticed he is 6′ 5″ & apparently a “pro-style” QB…which now-a-days translates to me that he can’t scramble, ( i.e. Blaine “curl up in a ball 2 seconds before an opponent touches you” Gabbert. ) But I could be wrong. I think the days of a pro-style QB, one with a powerful arm that sits in the pocket, might be on the wane. I personally like seeing our Tiger QB’s who, when needed, can just take off running for 25 yards and burn a defense all day with that threat! Thank you, Corby Jones, Brad Smith, Chase Daniels, James Franklin….and watch Maty Mauk this fall eat people up with his arm & legs! C’mon September! M…..I…..Z……..

    • right. the young man has to know who he is and where he fits. on the other hand Chase Daniel played more like a pocket passer than Brad Smith. Franklin was not a scrambler, he was a tailback. Mauk is a scrambler. Printz is a pocket man. Missouri may be more flexible than we want to think. So it comes down to where he believes he fits. I like that he is going to study and make his mind up. Heaven knows his basketball chances couldn’t be any better than Missouri right now. Frank Haith needs help in every role.