Which SEC schools like JUCO prospects the best?


EDITOR’S NOTE: SDS introduces the junior college prospect series, where we take a look at some of the top JUCO talent in the nation, while also looking back to see which SEC schools have utilized junior college players the most over the years. This year, the national rankings are filled with JUCO prospects that either are committed to SEC schools or will be with SEC schools soon.

Cam Newton came from the junior college ranks to Auburn, and Sheldon Richardson came to Mizzou from a JUCO. Each SEC school views junior college recruiting differently. Some utilize it more than others. Below is a look at each current SEC school and how many JUCO players it has taken since the 2010 signing class–which Newton was in.

Overall, Ole Miss leads the SEC by a mile when it comes to utilizing JUCO talent, taking 28 from 2010 through the current 2015 class. Mississippi State is second with 20–showing that the Mississippi JUCO league produces quite a bit of SEC level talent. Vanderbilt was last by a mile, taking on 2 in the same span.

Here’s a look at who took what:

Ole Miss 28
Miss. State 20
Auburn 18
Tennessee 18
Arkansas 16
Kentucky 15
Texas A&M 15
Georgia 14
Alabama 11
LSU 10
South Carolina 10
Mizzou 6
Florida 5
Vandy 2



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  • I agree that the main reason Ole Miss brings in a lot of juco players is because the state of Mississippi has the best juco players in the country. So it’s easy for Ole Miss to recruit them while they are in their back yard. Plus, juco players can come in right away and fill holes in a teams roster. Even teams like Alabama and Auburn come into Mississippi and recruit a lot of juco players.

  • Taking 2 to 3 a year is OK at a position of need, but anymore than that & you start running into a numbers problem. Houston Nutt didn’t worry about this. He’d take 10 a year. That’s why we had about 50 scholarship players (instead of the 85 allowed) when Hugh Freeze arrived.

  • Doesn’t look like a very good recruiting strategy. The list looks inversely proportional to overall success with Auburn and Vandy being outliers. For the most part, at LSU we like to breed our own criminals. Auburn likes to scoop up as many criminal transfers as they can.

  • About half of our modest number of JUCO’s were sign and place guys who committed out of HS then re-signed with us after qualifying from JUCO (Sheldon Richardson, Markus Golden and Chase Abbington most notably). We have, since joining the SEC, picked up a couple of those Mississippi JUCO guys though at the DB position.