Ole Miss swipes four-star DB away from Mississippi State


One day, Tee Shepard will be able to tell his grandchildren about all of the places … ahem … he planned to play football.

His most recent move was on national signing day–from Mississippi State to *gasp* … Ole Miss. He had only been on board with the Bulldogs for about three days.

Shepard (6-1, 200), who signed with Notre Dame after finishing his high school career in California, eventually left the Fighting Irish. He wanted to transfer closer to home and Fresno State seemed like the perfect place. Then he seemed to be heading to Oklahoma. But that never happened and he went the junior college route and eventually ended up at Holmes Community College in Mississippi. His top 100 national ranking from high school seems all but forgotten, but his reputation as a hard-hitting cornerback (yes cornerback) remains.

He is a huge pickup for the Rebels. And rest easy, fans, he has signed his letter of intent.


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  • Does he have the grades to make it in TSUN? I thought that was the whole deal with him coming to us. He couldn’t get in to “esteemed” colleges like TSUN or Oklahoma. Oh well. Just another recruit wanting two losses on his resume from an in-state rival.

    • How about we back off on slinging mud and crap and just wish him the best as a person.

      • Because we don’t wish him the best. I mean get real.

        • I’m saying leave it at that. That’s all we should say. Complaining isn’t going to get anywhere if he’s already made up his mind and signed with another team. Also, Daniel Taylor has accused Ole Miss of paying Shepard on another post here. I’m sure he’s not wishing him the best or thinking of him as a young man who is trying to make the best decision for the future. So please, tell me why I should get real here.

        • “Money talks louder than taking pictures in the team’s jersey.” Daniel Taylor. http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/2014/miss-state-recruiting-signees-national-signing-day/

        • A scholarship to TSUN is worth more than one to MSU. Maybe that’s what I meant. Who are you to tell me what my posts meant? lol. And this one was a serious question. I know for a fact Shepard didn’t go to Oklahoma due to grades. I thought he was coming to MSU due to the low academic standards.

    • This is twice you’ve alluded to a lower level of academic qualification for MSU vs TSUN. They have the same requirements for entrance. Why in the world would you think they required a higher score. MSU leads every year with the highest quality freshmen and ACT scores!

      • Just reading what was said about him not committing Oklahoma and choosing to go to MSU… It was also alluded to about TSUN passing over him for the same reasons. Just asked what changed there.