Lineman switches from Miss. St. to lifetime favorite Ole Miss

Photo courtesy of Sean Rawlings

In October, Sean Rawlings jumped on the opportunity to play in the SEC and chose Mississippi State. The Bulldogs had extended a scholarship offer only days prior, but Rawlings wasn’t going to waste the chance. Schools like Arkansas State and Louisiana Tech were the only schools nibbling before that time.

His October decision was made even more interesting considering Rawlings had attended every Egg Bowl since his toddler days–as an Ole Miss fan.

“I’ve been to nearly ever Egg Bowl since I could probably walk … but as an Ole Miss fan,” Rawlings told Saturday Down South right before the game. “So that’ll be the most interesting thing for me is cheering on the Bulldogs (Thanksgiving week). I couldn’t be more excited.”

Well, Rawlings won’t have to root for those Bulldogs after all. This weekend, the Rebels finally came through with a scholarship offer for Rawlings, and he pounced on it. Now he won’t have to have a family divided. Rawlings is 6-foot-5, 305-pounds and is out of Madison (Miss.). He is rated a three-star prospect.

NOTE: All ratings refer to the composite ranking.



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  • Good. He tried to tell Mullen yesterday that he had gotten an offer from UM and he needed a few days to make up his mind. However Mullen informed him that they had moved on and his offer was not available any longer. Personally, I wouldn’t want an UM homer in the first place.

    • To each his own. He’s a great kid.

    • Well, I suppose I wouldn’t expect any other response from a State fan. State fans are consistently predictable.

      • As if um fans aren’t predictable. You can bet the house that if the roles were reversed you would feel no different than we feel about this deal. He’s where he wants to be and for future reference players that are mid level talent (3 star and below) should know that a scholarship offer is in jeopardy should they take visits from other schools when they have committed. Don’t blame the kid but am glad that his offer wasn’t still on the table once he decided to visit at the end. And I say that not because it’s om. I would feel the same no matter the team. Wish him well but will delight in his getting his hat handed to him in Nov. 2016 cause that’s the earliest he is likely to see the field as a bear.

        • I am sorry for State that their coach has to tell their recruits not to visit elsewhere once they’ve committed. That’s a lot of insecurity to feel forced into that situation. Also, bears? When will y’all tire of that & TSUN? Makes you sound like a 9-year old at recess. Tell Rick Ray that Marshall says hi……

        • I guess marshall acts like an adult? pcb you are the perfect example of a bear fan that makes people not like om. Glad to know though that the bear/tsun thing gets under your skin. Wouldn’t have it any other way. crow all you want but its 4 out of 5 and counting. Oh yea, see you in the diamond at super bulldog weekend. Glad your guys could come over and join in the weekend. Nice of you guys to come over and get thumped.

        • Oh no, Marshall is a total jackass, but then so is Rick Ray. As for the bear/TSUN thing; no, it doesn’t get under my skin. It just makes State fans sound silly. Lastly, I do think y’all will be better than us in baseball this year. No denying that. Hotty Toddy, & I hope one day you & other State fans will get over your insecurities & just call us Ole Miss.

  • Yes Brian, he is absolutely a great kid. Still if um is his lifetime favorite then he’s where he should be.

    • Well, I got the feeling when I interviewed him several times in the fall that he wouldn’t have put out any less effort at MissState. He was pretty damned appreciative of his offer from Mullen’s staff, regardless of which jersey he wore when he was 10. That’s how he came across.

      • appreciative, but when it boils right down to it not appreciative enough to tell um to take a hike when they only show interest at the last minute when MSU has been on him from the start and offered early. But, that’s his right just like it’s a schools right to drop a committed kid when the numbers don’t work when a much higher rated kid comes along. I know it cuts both ways but it hasn’t been Mullen’s or MSU’s style to do that in the past. At least I am not aware of any cases of that happening because a late high star kid came along. Lol, I know the om fans would say its because we don’t have those high star kids wanting to come here. It can be debated a million times over but to me to say your committed should mean you are committed. Period.

        • I’ll agree that the word committed is a bit different than my interpretation of the word, but things also change in recruiting. It’s a game … just like Saturdays.

        • I know. I tend to get to wrapped up in this stuff sometimes particularly when it Ole Miss. I know that Sean is a good kid and regardless of it all I wish him well. I have been hearing talk of him possibly being asked to gray shirt. Wondering if there is any truth to that.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised by the grayshirt situation. You know what’s funny? I’ve talked to more and more recruits who don’t even mind the idea of a grayshirt. Obviously the 5-star kids aren’t fired up about the idea, but 3-star kids with limited possibilities seem to like the idea of taking on college one bite at a time.

  • Now let’s see how many Rebel recruits decide they’d rather go to MSU instead? Can’t think of any! I can’t even think of any recruits whose lifelong dream it is to play for MSU! WHY?!

    • Well you’ve been doing something that stunts your memory then. Seems to me that Chris Jones was an ole miss bear recruit just last year and as hard as they tried look where he ended up. Smacking some om lineman and qbs on their rears I might add. Including the big #1 dud

  • I am happy for this kid to get a chance to play at Ole Miss. But as an Ole Miss I am a little confused as to why Ole Miss would offer him a scolly when the numbers are suppose to be tight and they are going after several top recruits. Plus Ole Miss already has a lot of really good linemen. I know they want him as a center. But I guess they found room for him. But I am glad to see Ole Miss get a good player that wants to be at Ole Miss.