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Saban says he’s staying put during meeting with nation’s No. 1 player

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While fans and the media are speculating about Nick Saban and whether he might go to Texas if Mack Brown resigns, there are two people who actually talked to the Alabama coach first hand.

Leonard Fournette, the No. 1 player in America who also happens to be uncommitted, met with Saban Wednesday. Fournette and his high school coach, St. Augustine (La.) coach Cyril Crutchfield, talked to Saban at length. Fournette told his local ABC affiliate that he left the room when the topic came to Saban possibly leaving. But Crutchfield asked the important question.

“My conversation with Saban, I think he is firmly committed to being the next Alabama football coach,” Crutchfield told the TV station.

Fournette is down to LSU and Alabama, and will announce his school choice on Jan. 2 at the Under Armour Game.Editor’s note: All rankings used by Saturday Down South refer to the composite ranking.

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  1. I can’t believe you quoted a recruit regarding Saban before managing to report Herbstreit’s comments on this which were made days ago. Herbstreit couldn’t have been more emphatic about Saban staying put in Bama, but oddly no one on SDS managed to say a word about that. Could it be that it would have put the story to bed?

    • Kirk Herbstreit hath spoken! Silence!
      Look, when coaches deny things from their own mouths all the time, only to turn around and do what they denied they would do, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else predicts will happen. If Herbstreit even asked Saban directly, do you think Saban would tell him if he was leaving? Of course not. So, Herbstreit is purely speculating, which is what everyone else except for Nick Saban is doing.

      • Herbstreit is the voice of college football and I’ve never heard him speak so confidently about any topic. If you read the quote it’s shocking that Herbstreit would make such a bold statement. He isn’t speculating. He says he knows Saban better than anyone so it’s not just another person talking out of their butt. You go ahead and put your faith in SDS writers, and I’ll stick with Herbstreit.

        • To be clear, I don’t think SDS really gave any predictions to put my faith in; they just reported on the rumors. Regardless, it looks like Herbstreit speculated and was right. He very well may know Saban better than anyone, but for all we know, Saban didn’t know what he was going to do until that contract extension was sitting in front of him.

  2. Well, we know Saban is a liar. Anyone who believes anything he says is awful naive.