Already on board: SEC’s top 31 commitments- No. 24 Hjalte Froholdt, Arkansas

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With 7 months to go before national signing day, SDS will spend the month of July counting down the best current commitments in the SEC.

Here’s a day-by-day ‘month of July’ look at the top 31 players who are already committed to SEC schools, counting them down from No. 31 down to No. 1 on July 31st.

No. 24 – Hjalte Froholdt, DT, 6-4/280

HOMETOWN/SCHOOL: Froholdt spent his junior season in his native Denmark.
NAT. RANKING: No. 96 overall prospect.
NAT. POS. RANKING: No. 12 defensive tackle.
THE SKINNY: Froholdt is an enthusiastic talent who can not wait to step on the field for the Razorbacks. He spent his sophomore year in high school in Ohio but went back to Europe and played club ball as a junior–but he plans to be back this fall. Several Big Ten schools loved him during his sophomore campaign, but he has chosen the SEC and former Big Ten coach Bret Bielema.
FROHOLDT TELLS SDS: “I don’t know how it would be with another program, but it sure makes it easier to commit to something when someone believes in you, and doesn’t give up on you. That’s why I know Arkansas–and Coach B–is the perfect fit for me … Some may think that it was stupid of me to pick Arkansas, but all of that was based of their last year’s record. They don’t know about how great of a program it is, and the guys who are going to join it at get it to new heights.”

Editor’s note: For this particular series, Saturday Down South’s references to recruiting rankings are to industry composite ranking.

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