SEC’s best situation for recruiting success series: Ole Miss


SDS will break down all 14 SEC schools and the challenges they face in recruiting, and how they overcome them. At the end, we’ll rank them in terms of who is set up best for success–based on factors like in-state talent, recent success on the field, fan expectations and the coaching situation. We will also give the school a ‘situation’ grade (A, B, C, D, F) in each category. Some states have an A-level volume of talent, others don’t … that’s how it will work. At the end of the series we’ll do a final overall ranking.


HOME STATE TALENT: “B” – As we said with Mississippi State two days ago, the Magnolia State is certainly a talent-rich state, but it has to divide its talent between two SEC schools and other SEC West poachers–and its not quite the talent producer (of course) that Texas, Florida, Georgia and even Louisiana area.
RECENT SUCCESS: “A” – Here’s the big thing with Ole Miss, recently. When it had freshmen not only playing but starring last year, that was huge for the Rebels’ program. Recruits noticed what was going on. Not only was Ole Miss playing freshmen, it won eight games, including a bowl game–while losing by 8 or less in three of its five losses. This bodes well.
FAN EXPECTATIONS: “A” – Fans are getting excited about what is going on at Ole Miss after tough 2010 and 2011 seasons. Rebels fans don’t expect national titles immediately, but they want a winning program. There is a positive buzz right now at Ole Miss..
COACHING STABILITY: “A” – So far so good for Hugh Freeze. He’s won some games and recruiting very well, and in general everybody seems to be happy with him. Recruits don’t have to worry about Freeze gets fired this fall, and that’s a huge recruiting tool.
SUM IT UP: As of summer 2014, this is a good situation to be in and its going to help recruiting. Hugh Freeze and his staff have proven they’ll play true freshmen, proven they can recruit, and proven they can compete in the SEC West and win bowl games. Things are looking up for Ole Miss, and that makes the program pretty sexy for recruits.

Editor’s note: Any reference to recruiting ratings in this series–team or individual–are to’s industry composite ranking.

The SEC’s best current recruiting situations:


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  • i completely agree. If Ole Miss has the type of year they are hoping to have, then recruiting is only going to get even better than what is right now. And recruiting right now is really great. Next years class is going to be the best Ole Miss has ever brought in. I think even right now Hugh Freeze isn’t getting the kind of credit he deserves for how he is recruiting. He is only getting better too. He is still a young coach and has made mistakes as for as play calling. But he is learning and getting better.

    • Army, not sure if you saw our Mississippi State version, but obviously there are similarities. They both have to mine the same state, obviously, they have both had very strong years in the past decade or two. Only real difference right now is that I think if Mississippi State had a 3 or 4 win season this year (won’t happen), then they could have a hotseat situation that could affect recruiting.

      • Hey Brian. Yea I read the MSU version. I agree with pretty much everything you said. As an Ole Miss fan I love the direction Ole Miss is headed. In football, everything starts with recruiting and Hugh Freeze has proven that he is one of the best at it.