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What SEC commits want for Christmas, and it doesn’t involve coaches caroling

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What do you get for an SEC-bound teenaged recruit who already seems to have everything? Oh, don’t worry–they’ll tell you. And some of the answers remind us all that these guys are technically still kids, regardless of how hard they hit.

Jeb Blazevich, the SEC’s top tight end commitment who is heading to Georgia, was a simpler kind of guy with his answer:

“I’m going to take the ‘could’ route and not run with it. So I would say, realistically, a nice pair of boots for me. Not snakeskin, I’m thinking some Ariat. A lot of people up here (in Charlotte, N.C.) have them, and I’ve grown to like them over the last year. And no, as much of a fan as I am of coach (Mark) Richt, having him come to my house for caroling would not be my one wish.”

Mizzou commit Finis Stribling went the gift card route, but he definitely knows what he wants: “I’d have to say an Amazon gift card, so I can get some Mizzou gear for sure. Sweats and belts for sure. But no pet Tigers. I don’t know if my mom would be OK with that.”

And LSU’s junior commitment, Blake Ferguson, has it all figured out: “First, I want an LSU Outback Bowl win I guess. I’m going. Then this year I asked for money and clothes. I just need more dress clothes, jeans, dress shoes. I like to go for the GQ style.”

Vandy bound Kyle Gibson was a bit more to the point, going with something a lot of current college football players love playing: “Maybe the new PS4, like NCAA’14 or Madden or something. It’s just for fun.”

LSU bound wide receiver Trey Quinn, who already got a pretty nice gift this year when he left high school as the nation’s all-time leader in receiving yardage, worried about logistics. “That’s tough. I’d probably go with some expensive car, but I don’t think Santa can carry that one in his sleigh.”

South Carolina commit Joe Blue was to the point, just like Gibson. It didn’t take him three seconds to answer: “I want the gamma blue Jordans. I always loved Jordans.”

Stribling’s future college teammate, RB Trevon Walters out of Florida, had a great idea: “I just need a nice (Chevy) Impala so I can drive up to Missouri. With maybe some 26 rims and tinted windows.”

Auburn bound tight end commit Chris Laye went the politically correct route: “Each year is always a tangible gift that I want, but this year is a little different. I leave in less than two weeks (for Auburn) so if I could have any gift, it would just be spending time with my family before I go to Auburn.”

It doesn’t appear Laye will need as much public relations training as some of the incoming freshman. He has mastered the art of saying the right things.

Vanderbilt commit Lloyd Tubman echoed Laye: “I just want my family all together and for us to have a very nice time together, to watch movies and have a ball.”


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