From 3-star (or 2-star) to the NFL Draft: SEC’s finest


We at Saturday Down South were curious–how many three-star (or even two-star or no-star) SEC signees coming out of high school went on to get drafted by the NFL. We wanted a short time period to work with originally, so we went with 2011, 2012 and 2013 to begin with, thinking it would produce only a handful of anecdotal examples.

Well, we were wrong. In the three-year span of NFL Drafts from 2011-13, the SEC produced 55 NFL Draft Picks who were three-star prospects or lower coming out of high school. Five went in the first round.

Generally a three-star prospect is projected to become a starter by his junior season in college, a contributor–maybe a role player type. They are not generally expected to be drafted into the NFL. But these 55 individuals from the SEC–in just three years–got bigger, stronger and faster and beat the odds. While the draft is still dominated–percentage wise and proportionately of course–by four and five star prospects coming out of high school, it was nice to see the three-star prospects were far from shut out

We did a day-by-day Month-of-May countdown from No. 31 through No. 1, with the No. 1 guy–Alabama’s Marcell Dareus–being the three-star prospect who was drafted highest. He was taken in the 1st round, No. 3 overall by Buffalo in 2011. No. 31 was Tennessee’s Denarius Moore, who was drafted in the 5th round, No. 148 overall, in 2011. Everybody who came in between is listed below.

Editor’s note: For this particular series, Saturday Down South’s references to past recruiting rankings are to’s version, as the industry composite didn’t exist when many of these NFL Draft Picks were coming out of high school. Rivals has done a fine job ranking high school prospects since 2002.

The Countdown:



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