SEC West owning SEC East in recruiting rankings, Aggies a big reason why


In its fourth recruiting cycle with Mizzou and Texas A&M included, it is clear–the SEC West is still clearly out-recruiting the SEC East. Our chart will show you by how much. While Alabama has owned the recruiting rankings for nearly half a decade, it actually has been the addition of the Aggies that has helped the West distance itself from the East–especially the past two cycles.

When one takes the conference recruiting rankings from 2012 through 2015 and adds them together with the lowest number winning, the SEC West is leading the SEC East by an impressive margin. In 2015 alone, the SEC West is leading 43 to 52 (see chart below for scoring explanation). The closest the SEC East has come to being the better “half” was the first year of expansion in 2012, when one could include the Tigers and Aggies since they could use “playing in the SEC” as recruiting bait, even though they didn’t play in the SEC until that fall. In that 2012 recruiting cycle, the SEC West narrowly edged out the SEC East 47 to 48.

This year the SEC West is buoyed as usual by Alabama leading the pack, but it has been Texas A&M and Auburn that have come on strong to be in the national top five. Plus, Florida still has several blue chippers that have yet to come aboard that likely will, and that has the Gators pretty low in the SEC East rankings. This year, South Carolina has the best SEC East class so far.

Take a look below at what each SEC schools is ranked within the conference, and how each division has stacked up since 2012. NOTE: All references to recruiting rankings are to the composite rating.

2015 RK 2014 RK 2013 RK 2012 RK
SEC WEST TOTAL 43 41 40 47
Alabama 1 1 1 1
Texas A&M 2 3 5 6
Auburn 3 4 7 4
LSU 7 2 3 5
Mississippi St 8 12 11 9
Arkansas 10 11 9 10
Ole Miss 12 8 4 12
SEC EAST TOTAL 52 54 55 48
South Carolina 4 9 8 7
Tennessee 5 5 10 8
Georgia 6 6 6 3
Kentucky 9 10 13 14
Florida 11 7 2 2
Mizzou 13 13 14 11
Vandy 14 14 12 13



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  • I wouldn’t count this recruiting season yet because it has just begun. Because a team like Ole Miss won’t end up being ranked 12th, just like some other teams won’t be were they are come signing day. Even thou Ole Miss is bringing in a really small class this season, it will still be a top 20 class and next years recruiting class is figured to be a top 5 or 3 recruiting class.

    • Agreed, Army …. but on the same hand, I’ve never seen so many teams have doubt digit commits by this time on the calendar either. Several schools are 60-80 percent done.

      • That’s true Brian, but look at Miss St, they have a ton of commitments and are ranked inside the top 15 right now I believe. But we both know that even if they do sign just about all of their recruits, they still might not end up being a top 25 class. The only reason MSU is ranked so high is because of the number of commitments they have right now. I’m not trying to down play the job MSU has done at recruiting, but a lot of teams are ranked high just because of the large number of recruits they have committed right now. I know Ole Miss is taking their time because they are going to have to get they guys they really need because they are only going to be able to take 18 recruits this season. That was the number David Johnson at Rebels247 gave me.

        • First off — David Johnson is good people. The man knows what he’s talking about. Secondly, you’re absolutely right about the ebb and flow of a recruiting cycle. It’s sort of like a baseball game … it certainly isn’t “over” in the 5th inning, but at the same time we do pay attention to what the score is after 5. I guess that’s all this is. Sometimes one team scores more runs early, but you’re right … you have to finish it out.

  • Brian, good comparison. Of course Missouri’s and aTm’s recruiting rivalry go back to the beginning of the Big 12. Missouri had to play AT aTm 3 of the last 4 years. And after all that Missouri won 3 of those 4 games? Here are the Texas members of the SEC + Big 12: aTm, Longhorns, Baylor, TexTech, TexChrist.. Part of the product raw material description is missing here, what is it ? Or is it just player development ? At Missouri last year those gladiators went toe to toe till the 4th quarter. Then there was that play where the Missouri o-line blew all of aTm front and second tier to the east except one backer and Josey jumped over him for a patented Josey breakaway. The reverse of that didn’t happen. To be fair, Franklin is different than Manziel also. But at the end of the day both rosters were and will be full of talent. Beyond all the assertions I always make, I want to know more about why we are not seeing more instant success from these killer classes all around the league and why lower rated classes are performing so well.