SEC’s best situation for recruiting success series: Texas AM


SDS will break down all 14 SEC schools and the challenges they face in recruiting, and how they overcome them. At the end, we’ll rank them in terms of who is set up best for success–based on factors like in-state talent, recent success on the field, fan expectations and the coaching situation. We will also give the school a ‘situation’ grade (A, B, C, D, F) in each category. Some states have an A-level volume of talent, others don’t … that’s how it will work. At the end of the series we’ll do a final overall ranking.


HOME STATE TALENT: “A” – Nobody in the SEC has a better in-state recruiting situation that Texas A&M does right now. The hated Texas Longhorns are slightly wounded, off their game thanks to on-the-field struggles and a coaching change. And unlike Florida of course, the defending national champions aren’t in their state either (FSU). Right now, the Aggies have the pick of the litter in one of the nation’s big three states–and their No. 3 national ranking proves it.
RECENT SUCCESS: “A” – Five years ago, we would have to give Texas A&M a ‘C’ here–as they couldn’t get any kid away from the Texas Longhorns. Well, the Aggies are sexy now–they didn’t win the SEC West the past two years, but they have some signature wins, a Heisman Trophy winner who lit up college football, and an offense that makes recruits salivate. The sexy factor is strong here, thanks to the big wins.
FAN EXPECTATIONS: “A” – Texas A&M fans are happy right now. They love that their program can beat Alabama (2012) and they love that they can make a splash nationwide and be the center of things (thank you Manziel). There is certainly no negativd vibe here, and that always helps with recruiting..
COACHING STABILITY: “A” – Kevin Sumlin is in a very stable situation, obviously, and he’s recruited very well. Kids know that they have a coach who isn’t going to be pushed out any time soon, and that is huge.
SUM IT UP: Nobody in the SEC has a potentially more dominant recruiting situation than Texas A&M. Now, have the Aggies competed for national titles the past few years? Not really. But when it comes to having the pick of the litter in a monster state or recruiting, the Aggies are in the top position right now. Now, if Charlie Strong makes Texas a national contender again, that could suck some of the talent that right now almost definitely heads to College Station–basically a recruiting parity situation like Florida has with FSU and Miami. But right now? Texas A&M owns things in the potential department.

Editor’s note: Any reference to recruiting ratings in this series–team or individual–are to’s industry composite ranking.

The SEC’s best current recruiting situations:


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