A look back at the last six years of SEC team recruiting rankings

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Not only did the SEC have a nice recent run of national championships, it also has a six-year stranglehold on the mythical national championship of recruiting.

Alabama has won the last four, Florida won the 2010 version, and LSU won the 2009 version. All of this is according to the 247Sports.com composite rankings, which takes all services into account and averages them to create a consensus. Notre Dame was the last non-SEC program to win this honor–in 2008. Of course, it’s all subjective–but fun to debate.

So here’s a look at the 14 SEC schools and what their national ranking was, year to year. Yes, we included Mizzou and Texas A&M for all of the seasons, even though they were not in the SEC for all of those seasons.

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SCHOOL ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 ‘12 ‘13 ‘14
Alabama 2 5 1 1 1 1
Arkansas 21 36 21 28 23 30
Auburn 22 6 8 11 13 6
Florida 8 1 11 4 3 9
Georgia 5 12 5 8 11 8
Kentucky 42 45 37 50 34 22
LSU 1 7 7 14 6 2
Miss. St. 19 29 34 22 25 38
Mizzou 35 21 57 31 43 39
Ole Miss 17 38 20 46 8 16
S.Carolina 13 30 16 17 20 15
Tenn. 7 8 14 20 24 7
TexA&M 24 18 35 16 9 5
Vandy 67 54 56 47 26 46



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  • this shocks even me, the most outspoken critic of recruit rankings. This graph shows that Missouri won the SEC east when their 57th ranked Juniors were their bosses (except of course a few 21st ranked seniors). It’s also interesting that one of the best qbs in the SEC 2014 is going to come out of a class ranked 31.

    • Better hope for another relatively injury free year, because that depth is supect.

      • Our two deep is very solid.

        BTW, every school better hope for another relatively injury free year. UGA and UF proved it last year, we proved it two seasons ago. Typically, we red shirt a ton and develop them in S&C before they sniff the field, particularly on the OL and DL. I’m no more worried about our depth than you should be about yours, simply because Rivals says they were good when they were 16 and 17 year olds. We’ve won our division 4x in this time span with our depth, and you?

        • We haven’t won less than 8 games in 14 years, while mizzou has 6 times. We’ve won 10 or more games 9 years during that span, mizzou 3. We’ve appear in 3 MNC games in that span, won 2. Mizzou ZERO. Your depth is suspect…

        • While it’s hard for me to side with a Tiger, ever, I do believe that makes it: Aaron – 2 Bing – 0

        • I’m not sure how a 9 year time span applies here Aaron. They are looking at the last 6 years and in that period LSU has an average rank of 6 while Mizzou’s is 37. Florida and Georgia averaged a 6 and 8 ranking over that period so they should have had all the depth in the world right? Nooooo, all we heard about was their injuries and how that ruined their year. Either the rankings are bogus or Mizzou just knows how to develop players better.

        • Dude, they had 21 players miss game time and 10 season ending injuries(WR, QB, RB, RT, OT, OLB, CB, DT, LB, LB)… Yall lost what in 2012, QB, RB and a DL?

        • Aaron, try half our offensive line as well as the players you just mentioned. The O-Line is a huge part of Mizzou’s success every year. That was in 2012. In 2013 we lost or QB, best CB and DL for parts of the season and still went 12-2.

  • Can we get a composite and rank them in order to see how it compares to the teams success. Maybe even do the same for how the teams finished ranked within the conference each of those years. I’m to lazy to do it myself :P

  • Bama, A&M, and LSU are the only teams that are consistently recruiting on par or better over the last 3 years.

  • Tennessee keeps saying they don’t have any talent or depth. They have had top 25 classes every year this peace looks at, they should have talent. Don’t blame coaching changes on lack of depth or talent. It should be there if recruiting ranking where right, this recruiting ranking mean nothing. You can line the bird cage with them.

  • According to Rivals Alabama was #1 in 2009 and LSU was #2. It wasn’t even close.

    • Of the 2009 classes, LSU has 13 players in the in NFL or invited to this years combine. Alabama has 12. I think Josh Williford would have also been invited this year if multiple concussions wouldn’t have ended his football career, giving LSU 14.

      Akiem Hicks
      Barkevious Mingo
      Bennie Logan
      Chris Faulk
      Craig Loston
      Kevin Minter
      Lamin Barrow
      Michael Brockers
      Michael Ford
      Morris Claiborne
      Rueben Randle
      Russell Shepard
      Sam Montgomery
      Josh Williford

      AJ McCarron
      Anthony Steen
      Chance Warmack
      D.J. Fluker
      Dre Kirkpatrick
      Ed Stinson
      Eddie Lacy
      James Carpenter
      Kevin Norwood
      Nico Johnson
      Quinton Dial
      Trent Richardson

      • take away akeim hicks for being released from the team before playing a snap and the iffy josh williford and its 12/12. That seems pretty close to me. Also shows there’s probably not much difference between the 1-5 classes end the end.

    • Well, I guess it is a good thing that we aren’t using Rivals because that would change all the rankings for all the years. He wrote in the opening that he used 247sports.com because they use a composite of all the recruiting services. Rivals isn’t the last word in recruiting and neither is ESPN or any other recruiting service. Some people.

  • Adding up the composite rankings, with the lowest number being the best:
    Alabama- 11
    Florida- 36
    LSU- 37
    Georgia- 49
    Auburn- 66
    Tennessee- 80
    Texas A&M- 107
    S. Carolina- 111
    Ole Miss- 145
    Arkansas- 159
    Mississippi State- 167
    Mizzou- 226
    Kentucky- 230
    Vanderbilt- 296

    • And when you do this you learn that it does not mean much.
      While Florida has the #2 score, have they proved it on the field?
      Vanderbilt has the lowest, but you must admit that their last 4 years have been some of their best.

  • Makes since because lsu bama Georgia and Florida are the usual at the top of the Sec Top consistent top 10 recruiting class= sec championship or at least runner up

  • So, does this mean that Bama’s problem is coaching? They had the best recruiting classes for years..

  • This only furthers my belief that ranking of recruits is useless or at best not strongly correlated with success.
    Just look at Florida and Tennessee’s rankings and no more need be said.