State by state distribution of early 2015 SEC commitments


On Friday, Orlando (Fla.) WR product Deondre Farrier came aboard with his home state Gators, and it made us wonder … with 64 players already on board with SEC schools for the class of 2015, which state is producing the most SEC talent so far?

The answer is below, and it’s a bit surprising. So far, Mississippi has put as many players into the SEC as Texas, and more than Florida. And Georgia continues to impress with how many SEC-caliber players it has produced.

Take a look below as which state is producing what:

Alabama 2
Arkansas 3
Florida 7
Georgia 14
Louisiana 6
Mississippi 12
Missouri 1
Ohio 1
South Carolina 1
Tennessee 5
Texas 12



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  • This year Mississippi is going to be loaded with talent, last year was sorta of a down year. A lot of ppl don’t realize that Mississippi produces a lot of D1 players, even though it has a small population of only 2.9 million. Every other state in the SEC has at least 4 million or more. Plus, Mississippi has three major colleges that it has to supply players for (Ole Miss, MSU, USM). States like Louisiana, Arkansas, Mizzou have only one major college. Last time I checked, Mississippi was second behind Louisiana for producing NFL players per capita.

    • Not that it takes away from your point, but Arkansas has nowhere near 4 million people (and if USM counts as a major football college, Arkansas State probably does as well).

      • I forgot about Arkansas not having that big of a population, but USM is a much larger school than Arkansas St. But Arkansas is really the only big time program in that state and it has no in-state competition for the recruits in Arkansas.