TAMU adds monster tackle for 2016, Sumlin responds with coded Tweet


It’s never too early to work on next year’s mythical national recruiting title. Texas A&M certainly knows that.

The Aggies added their first cog in the 2016 class, rising junior offensive tackle Patrick Hudson out of Silsbee (Texas). He’s 6-foot-6, 325 pounds and has been flirting with the Aggies for several months now. Hudson is from a small high school, but it hasn’t kept other schools like Oklahoma, LSU and Texas from checking him out too. His obvious size doesn’t hurt. He has said before that the Aggies were his top school, and he’s on campus attending Friday Night Lights as we speak.

As usual, Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin sent out his usual Tweet after a commitment. “#YESSIR!” he Tweeted around 7 p.m. EST. Per NCAA rules he can’t comment publicly about a commitment, but he can certainly put out a cryptic message that everybody who follows recruiting news understands–including other recruits. Sumlin also retweeted somebody else’s message shortly after Hudson’s commitment … “#WHOSNEXT!”.

Don’t be surprised if Texas A&M lands a few more elite commitments before this weekend’s event is over. That’s usually how it goes.

The Aggies currently lead the nation in the team rankings for 2015, now they have a good start for 2016.


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  • that’s interesting Brian, I often go over the rosters of programs and wonder if the “monsters” will change the team or the conference. To some extent isn’t that what happened at Alabama of the past half decade? Then I think why should a plan like that ever come apart? I think the value of size is determined by other traits in a sort of near-scale way. For example: No matter how fast you are you can’t beat someone twice your size if you have to move them or keep them from moving you…… but if you are 90% the same size and 20% better in half a dozen other traits you are going to make the other person’s size work against them. 90% of 326lbs and 6’6″ tall is less than 300 pounds and barely over 6′ tall. So the Aggie model goes forward, Sumlin gets to wink and say ‘look at my new version’ of it, and at the same time no wonder people like Pinkel are among the winningest coaches in the NCAA over the last decade saying things like “we do what WE do” No wonder college football is such an amazing spectacle. May the National Labor Relations board in Chicago rot in hell.

    • Wolf — you ROCK the comment world. Good stuff.

      • easy to comment after you and Jon and company have done all the hard work of finding the story laying it out. Lot’s of other football sport’s writers are scratching their heads wondering how Saturday Down South comes up with such clean readable interesting journalism. I hope you don’t mind that i recently dropped SDS name to a think tank at Missouri as an example of how to counter journalism that beats the drum of one program year after year. Thanks.

        • Wolfman — that means a TON. And you’re going to look really smart with the “dropping” of our name to Mizzou’s j-school. I’m a Florida J-school grad and one of the few J-schools we looked up to was Mizzou’s (and Northwestern’s, Syracuse, etc). Our school has produced countless people who are working at the highest levels in sports journalism, but Mizzou was just as good if not better. If the J-schools will embrace that there’s a new style of journalism going on these days, and the old school method may be withering on the vine, then they’ll be ahead of the curve. Trust me — the guys who started SDS get “it”. You can be stubborn and cling to the old ways, or you can be successful, that’s my take. …… I think it all boils down to “this”. When I was in the newspaper world, a lot of editors (I won’t drop their names here, but they were big names in the industry) were more obsessed with winning national awards as a staff than it seemed they were interested in what readers wanted. And it was tough to quantify what exactly readers DID want. Well, guess what? In the digital world, it is absolutely quantifiable. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we just try to feed that interest. We try to have some longer form stuff at time too, but we also know that quick-hitting pieces, keeping up with breaking news and throwing some opinion in there seems to be something our audience wants, so we do it. If readers showed us that they want 50-inch in-depth pieces 10-times more than quicker hitting material, we’d do that. But that’s not always the case. Basically, SDS gives SEC fans/readers what they want … and trust me, it is flourishing.

        • And I will agree with where you are going with many of your posts — Pinkel has found his niche with all of this, and it works. He recruits his kind of guys of coaches them up, what more can you ask for? Who cares what they’re rated. …. but you know the old chicken or the egg situation …. if Pinkel’s teams keep winning in the SEC, then when they sniff a recruit it’s going to elevate the ranking and Mizzou will be a top 20 team in the recruiting rankings. That’s how it works. Not everybody can be Bill Snyder and sneak by with “3-star kids” and go to BCS bowl games. When you’re in the SEC and going to big bowl games, you won’t be sneaking up on anybody.