Top five realistic 2015 recruiting targets: Missouri Tigers


Mizzou fans feel their recruits get overlooked–and then of course they take the field and overachieve and prove all rankings incorrect. Well, guess what? Mizzou isn’t going to be sneaking up on anybody any time soon. They have a good potential crop of prospects coming in 2015–and these targets below prove it.

Editor’s note: Saturday Down South’s references to ratings follow the composite rankings.

1. Alex Ofodile, Columbia (Mo.), 6-3/185, Wide Receiver

  • National rank: No. 94 overall prospect
  • SEC schools: Mizzou, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky
  • The skinny: Wow, like the Tigers aren’t already loaded at the receiver position–but they could get even more loaded with this gem of a prospect. He’s a legacy, as his dad played for the Tigers and went on to the NFL.

2. Drew Lock, Lees Summit (Mo.), 6-5/195, Quarterback

  • National rank: No. 134 overall
  • SEC schools: Mizzou, Tennessee, Ole Miss
  • The skinny: Lock is a Mizzou legacy, so that bodes well for the Tigers, but he insisted to Saturday Down South that his mind isn’t made up just yet. Look for him to make a decision sometime in the next few months. He’s a good one.

3. Natereace Strong, East St. Louis (Ill.), 6-2/185, Running Back

  • National rank: No. 208 overall
  • SEC schools: Mizzou
  • The skinny: Strong’s high school coaches say he may be a near lock to the Tigers at this point, and that would be huge considering his offers from powers like Florida State and Michigan State. A great example of the upward trend in recruiting respect that Mizzou is getting.

4. Anree Saint-Amour, Suwanee (Ga.), 6-3/225, Defensive end

  • National rank: No. 335 overall
  • SEC schools: Mizzou, Tennessee, Georgia
  • The skinny: Mizzou actually did pretty well recruiting Georgia this past cycle. Look for the Tigers to go to that pipeline this year too, and Saint-Amour is one of those hidden gems they’d love to mine.

5. Josh Moore, Olathe (Kan.), 6-5/250, Tight end

  • National rank: No. 779 overall
  • SEC schools: Mizzou
  • The skinny: Mizzou will have to battle Kansas and Kansas State for this tight end, but the Tigers are definitely in the equation to land Moore.


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  • Wouldn’t Hale Hentges be a more realistic tight end recruit for the tigers? He’s admitted to being a Mizzou fan his whole life and attended Jr. Day. Not to mention he lives in their backyard. Terry Beckner Jr. has also listed Mizzou in his top 3. With another 10+ win season, and Greg Taylor + Nate Strong in his ear, TB Jr could be headed to CoMo next fall

    • Tough call on Terry. Definitely could head that way plus Strong’s his teammate — true. I suppose we’ll see. And Hale? Great point, could easily have had him in there too. Stanford’s going to try real hard, but he could easily stay home. I bet Hale is a bit more realistic than Terry Beckner though. Just my take.

      • We’ll have to battle Noter Dame for Hale. Hopefully, Missouri’s past success with Rucker, Coffman and Egnew are enough to get him in CoMo..

      • I actually think Mizzou is in better shape with Beckner than Hentges. Beckner will wait until signing day though, or one of the AA games to announce. Beckner should absolutely be on the list of this article.

  • At one point Missouri had 3 linemen from Brookfield, MO, small rural town in north central state, and the linebacker Lambert too. Where will Missouri’s out-state recruiting gems come from in 2015, 2016? (looks like ?Bailey could be a good one in 2014 and will Bailey’s twin brother try to walk on at Missouri????

  • Put highly regarded OL AJ Harris on the list…never mind, he’s ours :)

    Looks like we’ll be getting the #1 player out of Kansas and maybe the #1 player out of Illinois (Beckner Jr. followed by Strong) to go along with several of the top players out of Missouri. Looking up.

    • If the Missouri coaching staff can improve just a little, then these recruits will keep Missouri in the top 10, bring Missouri another #1 ranking, and a hopefully a shot at one of the first real NCAA National Championship trophies. Having already won several division titles in the past 8 years, I don’t think this is an unrealistic goal for those young men to set for themselves.