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Two more four-star SEC de-commitments, Georgia, Tennessee affected

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It is the season of decommitments, folks, and this time Georgia and Tennessee lost one apiece.

Auburn, Mizzou and Texas A&M may end up being the beneficiaries.

When interviewed by Saturday Down South as recently as October, both WR Dominique Booth (Tennessee) and DT Dontavius Russell (Georgia) were very enthusiastic about their future schools. But a lot can change in a matter of weeks, and both pulled back over the weekend. Booth is from Indiana, while Russell–who has been wooed by Auburn and was at the Alabama game Saturday–is a Georgia native. Neither immediately committed to other schools, but Russell said it’s going to come down to Auburn and Georgia, while Mizzou, Texas A&M and in-state Indiana are in the mix for Booth’s services. Apparently, early enrollment wasn’t going to be an option at Tennessee, Booth’s father told Tennessee has a packed class and could probably use the extra room.

Booth had this to say about Tennessee and coach Butch Jones in a September interview with SDS: “What’s special about our class is we are already focused on what we need to do, and everybody is trying to graduate early to get better for our team. We are already family and know each other so well. (Jones) is genuine and up front with his intentions and hasn’t like to be or blown me smoke in four years.”

Booth knew Jones when he was coaching Cincinnati, thus the “four years” reference.

Russell said this about Georgia in a recent interview with SDS: “I think this is a great class with lots of talent that can get better, and Mark Richt is a great coach and I can’t wait to be a Dawg.”

These two changes make it 36 SEC decommitments for the current recruiting classes, and counting. There are lots of reasons for it happening. At this time of year, the want-lists for schools can change and the athletes decide to part ways, or another school looks fantastic on the field while another one struggles. Also, even though a kid is committed to a school, it doesn’t mean other schools don’t keep trying to wrestle him loose.

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  1. Championships in December are built upon the year long recruiting battles. That’s why Bama continues to dominate for the most part. They can recruit at such a high level year-in and year-out.