Uncommitted countdown: Best 30 SEC targets available- No. 10 Justin Hilliard, LB


SDS will count down the 30 biggest SEC targets still available around the country–these are the players SDS thinks realistically could end up signing with SEC schools. Obviously there are players with SEC offers out west and up north, but if it looks like they aren’t seriously considering the SEC, we didn’t include them in this series.

Here’s a day-by-day ‘month of June’ look at the top 30 realistic SEC targets left in the country, ranking them from No. 30 down to No. 1 on June 30th.

No. 10 – Justin Hilliard, LB, Cincinnati (Ohio), 6-2/230

SEC OFFERS: Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Texas A&M.
NAT. RANKING: No. 21 overall prospect in America.
NAT. POS. RANKING: No. 2 outside linebacker in America.
THE SKINNY: Hilliard is in the heart of Big Ten country, and Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame and Iowa are all over this extremely talented and instinctive linebacker. When he was in Alabama, he loved it, but it will be a challenge to get him away from his neck of the woods. Hilliard said he’s ready to make his decision known this month. This will be interesting.
SDS PREDICTION: If he goes SEC, Alabama. But that seems to be more of a long shot as each day goes along.

Editor’s note: For this particular series, Saturday Down South’s order for ‘likely SEC recruits’ is determined using the 247Sports.com industry composite ranking (as of June 1st ranking).

The Countdown:



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