Vanderbilt signing class now half what it was a week ago, and Tennessee benefits


The Franklin effect is doing some real damage to the Vanderbilt signing class of 2014.

With Michael Sawyers, Amani Oruwariye and Brendan Brosnan all jettisoning within the last 24 hours, the Commodores’ class is now down to 10 commitments–with current commits Jesse Burkett and Trent Sheffield admitting that they are seriously looking around. This class could easily go down to eight within the next few days, amazing considering it was a healthy group of 20 just a few days ago, prior to coach James Franklin leaving for Penn State. Some entities ranked it a top 25 recruiting class, something that was unheard of at Vanderbilt before Franklin came along.

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In other news, Jashon Robertson–who decommitted from Vandy a few days ago–is now on board with rival Tennessee. The Vols somehow made room for him and are now up to 34 commitments. Robertson is a three-star offensive guard out of Nashville, and like many of the Vandy recruits, he had picked up a Penn State offer from Franklin after the coach departed. Also, as previously reported on Saturday Down South, Brosnan became the third former Vandy recruit to go to Penn State when he made the pledge on Wednesday.


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  • The new coach is going to have some trouble trying to salvage this signing class

    • Yep, Simmons. I think they’re going to have to throw in the towel and save the scholies for next year.

      • Ole Miss was looking to get Micheal Sawyers before he de-committed yesterday, now it looks like he is almost a lock for Ole Miss. Sawyers almost committed to Ole Miss before he committed to Vandy last July.

        I do feel sorry for Vandy and I use to like James Franklin, but the way he left and is poaching Vandy’s recruiting class, I just think it wrong. I know there isn’t any rule against. But it just seems wrong. If I was a Vandy fan, I know I would want to beat the crap out of him for what he is doing. If Franklin up and leaving at the most important time in recruiting wasn’t bad enough, he is stealing your recruits. Ouch!

  • This is nothing new in major college football, just new at Vandy. Franklin was a bit lucky while at VU with,UT,Ga.,Mo.(last year),and UF all down some from past years.Time will tell if Franklin’s thin-skin will hold up at PSU.

  • How do you like Franklin now Candy????? LOL It seems like yesterday you were singing his praises!! He dumped you and then stole your girlfriend. Told you so, told you so, told you so!!! Vanderbilt is left in ruins, all because of their support of the devil. Don’t worry Penn State’s time is coming. You’ll be able to tell “I told you so”

    The people of TENNESSEE!

  • The timing of his departure was bad enough, but the way he’s handled the recruiting situation is simply rotten in my opinion. Legal it may be, but it’s not ethical. I didn’t like Pedophile State before and have even more reason not to like them now.