Dicky Lyons Jr Kentucky Wildcats Football Player

Today is a great day, and I feel wonderful. How are you doing, Reader? Before you answer, I don’t really care. I just said that because it was polite. Anyway, today is a big day for us here at SDS, because one of our favorite players of all time, Dicky Lyons Jr., is stopping by to give us the good word. That’s right, Richard “Career totals feature 108 receptions with 16 scores” Lyons. You know, Dick “eight receptions for 124 yards and three touchdowns against Florida in 2007” Lyons. You remember Dicky “50-receptions in two consecutive seasons” Lyons. How could you forget Rich “Committed to Kentucky in the summer of 2003 and did not seriously consider other schools” Lyons? That’s right, you didn’t. Ergo, you must be as excited as I am to welcome the star of the Daily Dicky to the SDS Miller High Life Warm Chair.

Dick, its been too long since I’ve seen you, my friend. What’s been going on in your world since our reign over the Tin Roof and Two Keys?

Dicky Lyons Jr: Personally Tyler, I don’t think it’s been long enough, but hanging out with you at Two Keys and Tin Roof was always a good time. Since then I have been bouncing around the NFL and UFL. I am currently in Grand Isle, Louisiana helping out with the BP oil spill. I work 8 days a week, 14 hours a day. The only thing that keeps me going is watching my Cats play.

A lot has been made about the annual Dirty Man contests that go down during fall camp. Ross Bogue told us of the mustache trials and tribulations, and to be honest, I was surprised that you didn’t hold the record for dirtiest mustache. On a scale where 1 is “The Situation” and 10 being Mike Ditka, where did Mike Hartline’s stache rank? What about yours?

Dicky Lyons Jr Kentucky Wildcat Football Wide Receiver

Dicky Lyons Jr

Dicky Lyons Jr: First of all, there’s that fruity ass “The Situation” on tv, and then there’s me, “The Instigator.” My job at Kentucky, aside from making plays and leading us to 4 straight bowl games, was to stir the locker room up with as many antics as I could. The dirty man contest was just one of the many games I created and the One game that Mike Perfected….Great Stache. I did not participate for I do not grow facial hair yet.

I remember those Daily Dicky segments you did for UK athletics two seasons ago. What was that experience like? Who would be your acting role models?

Dicky Lyons Jr: The Daily Dicky segments are great memories for all the players involved. Looking back on them I can only say this; “They were a lot funnier during training camp.” No role models.

Richard, there was a huge NCAA investigation into that Moped that you cruised around campus on. What was that all about?

Dicky Lyons Jr: The investigation was all about trying to figure out who stole my moped. I miss that sweet ass moped of mine.

I know Moncell Allen is a NOLA guy like you, and you guys were pretty good buddies at UK. What’s it like seeing Moncell breaking the spirits of grown men every Saturday?

Dicky Lyons Jr Interview Kentucky Wildcats Football

Great Catch by Dicky Lyons Jr

Dicky Lyons Jr: Moncell has always been a beast on the football field, but watching him become a great student and work hard to earn his degree has made me very proud of my guy.

Once, I was with Moncell at a bar, and we each had $5 in our hands, yet he had more money than me. How is that possible?

Dicky Lyons Jr: I used to drive Moncell home in high school and the change in my car was always missing when he left. I guess he’s a magician.

Are you staying in touch with Coach Phillips much these days?

Dicky Lyons Jr: Coach Phillips was my receiver coach and offensive coordinator. I just wish he could have been my head coach as well. I call him every week and say the same thing, “You should start Turtle.”

What’s it like seeing the might #12 on the back of the quarterback young Morgan Newton?

Dicky Lyons Jr: Looks good on him…..but it looked GREAT on me.

I know Mike Hartline wanted to be Richard Lyons when he grew up, what do you think of young Hartline now?

Dicky Lyons Jr: I didn’t know he wanted to be my dad.

Dicky Lyons Jr Book Kentucky Wildcats Football

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Richard, what’s your favorite memory of your days in the blue and white?

Dicky Lyons Jr: All of them

There was a freestyle battle walking down Beale street after the Liberty Bowl two years back. I recall that you and I were involved, and that you didn’t win. Any comment there?

Dicky Lyons Jr: Only that you better wake up and apologize if you even dream of beating me

What books are you reading now?

Dicky Lyons Jr: True Blue, The Lyons Football Legacy. Available through the publisher at SetShotPress.com

Thanks for stopping by, Dick. We are big fans, and look forward to seeing your great talents and huge personality more in the future. Go Cats.