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Gregg Doyel - CBS Sports Writer

Like him or hate him, you know Gregg Doyel. He is the writer at that pisses people off. Pisses them off so much that he receives Hate Mail and enjoys publishing the ridiculous comments. For your entertainment, check out this article about Les Miles over-signing recruits and then read this hate mail from LSU fans. As you can see by the parenthesis next to my name, I am not a LSU fan and I support the Cayuts of Kentucky. I like Gregg and his ability to tell it as it is. Isn’t that what writers are supposed to do?

Well, I had the opportunity to ask Gregg a few questions about the upcoming SEC football season and here is what he said – take it as unbaised truth:

Tyler Montell: Oregon Duck turned Ole Miss Rebel quarterback Jeremiah Masoli looks to make an impact in Oxford this fall. I heard all the frat houses are buying security systems. Do you think he will make more headlines on or off the field?

Gregg Doyel: Both. Whatever he does on the field — good or, hopefully, bad — will be a headline because of his lousy record off the field. It’s like an epitaph: His legacy will follow him everywhere, as well it should. That idiot. Given the spotlight on him I think he’ll stay out of trouble off the field, but I wouldn’t bet any money on it. Nor would I leave any money lying around that dude.

Tyler Montell: It seems like more and more stories are surfacing about agents crossing boundaries at big time college football programs. If you were a college coach at one of these programs, what would you do to protect your players?

Gregg Doyel: I’d talk to them weekly, or more often, but it wouldn’t work. Players can’t be protected from their own greed. Not all of them, anyway. Some of them, sure, they’ll get the message and they’ll do the right thing. But a few will succumb to the easy money. If that player were me, and my background was poor enough, I might succumb myself and hope nobody found out. Just being honest.

Tyler Montell: (Homer Alert) Is there a more exciting player in this league than Randall Cobb? What do you expect to see out of him this season? Ok, I’ll come out and say it: How will my Cats be this year?

Gregg Doyel: Randalll Cobb is awesome! Love a guy who can pass, catch, run, return, anything. He’ll be a must-follow in Sunday morning box scores if nothing else. No clue how the team will do, though. I’m awful at predictions, but I’d love to see Joker Phillips succeed.

Tyler Montell: Give me three SEC games that you are looking forward to this season.

Gregg Doyel: Any SEC games that don’t include Lane Kiffin. So, all of them.

Tyler Montell: I know you are a UF grad. Were there any SEC road trip weekends that stick out to you as especially memorable? Are there any campuses that you want to visit? And besides Starkville, are there any that you want to stay away from?

Gregg Doyel: Hahahaha I’ve never been to Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, LSU (!) or Arkansas, but I’ve been to the rest. Love the atmosphere everywhere in the SEC, but Alabama and Florida are especially memorable on game day. I need to get to LSU some day, ideally for a night game, ideally to watch Les Miles lose by 50.

Tyler Montell: I love reading your responses to the hate mail that you receive. Absolute comedy. What would you say is your “favorite” piece of hate mail? Any that made you sit back and say, “Yeah, you’re right?”

Gregg Doyel: One reader asked me to staple my head to the carpet. I thought that was interesting. I’m knocked back all the time by a smart reader who objects to a story in a smart way. It’s easy to discount the idiots who can’t make their subjects agree with their verbs. But when a smart guy tells me I’m wrong, well, I’ll consider it.

Tyler Montell: If you could fight any D-1 football coach, who would it be? And would he get you?

Gregg Doyel: Lane Kiffin would be the guy, but only if he was in shape. Only thing more embarrassing than losing a fight is winning a fight against an outmanned foe. No honor in that. So he’s the one, but only if he is in shape. Which I doubt. He looks soft and coddled. And how would he get me? That daddy’s boy better bring a sledge hammer.

Tyler Montell: Any truth to the rumors that Mark Whalberg based the hit show Entourage on your life? Surely you aren’t a Trueblood guy.

Gregg Doyel: I don’t watch much TV. I’m the anti-Simmons in lots of ways, including his infatuation with pop culture and his need to be seen as cool. Me, I don’t need people to think I’m cool. I AM cool, and if anyone doesn’t see it, f— ’em.

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