Kentucky Wildcats vs Florida Gators football 2010 
Today, is a sad day. You know this is true because my Facebook status says, “I’m so sad.” Yeah I predicted Kentucky to beat Florida, and yeah Florida fans, I’ll admit it, I was way off base. And to that reader that called me an amateur for making that pick, well I’m going to go ahead and concede that battle. I am not a professional. I’m a law student who loves Kentucky football. And I’m sad. But I’m getting over it.

I really am sad for those young kids on the UK football team. They are a good group of young guys, they work hard, and there is a lot of talent. But for whatever reason, they were led out like lambs to the slaughter. The game plan was not “Operation: Win.” It was “Operation: Don’t lose too bad.” It was just sickening to watch it all unfold. All week, player’s twitter feeds were a flutter with swagger and optimism. ESPN put Florida on “AT&T Upset Alert.” Fans (And I was as guilty as anyone) made silly, ludacris arguments like, “Florida’s offense is STRUGGLING” and “Ignore the talent, look at the coaching.” We all actually believed it, that’s the really sad part. We honestly believed we would be able to win that game, or at least be in a position to win it.

And were we wrong. Florida didn’t struggle. Like at all. I mean, either a) they absolutely turned it on this week and tee totally got things figured out, or b) Kentucky is a really bad football team right now. Hell, Miami (OHIO), Tennessee, and Southern Florida played that team much closer than we did. We came into that game thinking we had the cards to maybe win the game. At least we won’t have any trouble staying humble this week.

At the end of the day, we don’t have the horses in Kentucky to run with Florida. They have more athletes left holding their hand out on signing day than we have on the depth chart. I know that hurts, but its true. We can get lucky with a Derrick Locke, a Randall Cobb, or a Chris Matthews every once in awhile and do what we have to do to make a bowl: beat the three cupcakes, beat Louisville, win the games we are supposed to win (Vanderbilt and Ole Miss this year), hopefully play well enough to take down Mississippi State, and then look to take down Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina (or Auburn/Arkansas). But its frustrating when we do have a few weapons on offense, and two or three guys on defense that can make some plays, and we get out teeth kicked in. But like I said, its over.

Here’s where we go from here:

1. We stay positive. Which is a shame to have to say, you couldn’t get that hamburger body of yours on a treadmill much less a football uniform, but as fans, we should bring nothing to the table but support for these young guys. They are kids, and they love their fans. They really do. They want to play well for the fans. But, if you are one of the scum bags that says negative things to them via Twitter, Skype, YourFace or whatever, you are a low life and deserve bad things. Very very bad things. You make them better when you are positive, and you piss off huge, angry, very fast men when you run your mouth. Do the math, Goose. Keep your mouth shut.

2. Don’t call in and tell Joker Phillips how to run his team. You don’t like it when people try and tell you how and do your job, so again, keep your mouth shut. Joke is a ball player, and he’s been a coach at this level for a long time. You watch football on Saturdays and read blogs. Just because you know how to run audibles on the Playstation doesn’t give you the credibility to correct a professional. Yeah there are things that happened last night that I don’t understand. And it looked like Steve Brown was wearing a Florida Gators shirt under his Kentucky jacket. But guess what? I’m a law student, and barely at that. I wasn’t in the meetings this week. I wasn’t there in the huddles. I was eating pizza and sitting on a couch, and chances are you were too. So I know you’re upset, but once again, keep you mouth shut. But if you want to complain, and you’re someone that just loves to have something negative to say, talk about the coaches. Because while they have families, this is a job. They are professionals.

3. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care who your daddy is or how much money you give to the University, if you boo these kids, if you even think about booing these kids, you are among the lowest of all humanity. This is Kentucky. Most of these kids will never get paid for playing football. They do it so they can go to college and better their lives. You pay money to watch kids play football. That’s it. End of story. You don’t deserve to make these kids feel bad just because they made a mistake on a football field. A FOOTBALL FIELD. This is a game. And while the only time I have cried in my adult life have been Kentucky football related, this is not life of death. They lost a football game. Get the hell over it. They will win 7 or 8 this year and we will go to a bowl game. Now keep your head up and be positive. If not, The Leviathan may have to make a house call.