Welcome to Mississippi: This is our STATE

Billboards Mississippi State University Bulldogs football team

Mississippi State University put up billboards along various interstates as they enter Mississippi. Since the Bulldogs dominate the football rivalry with Ole Miss, they let incoming traffic to Mississippi know that it is this is their turf:

Billboards Mississippi State University Bulldogs football team



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  • What do you think, Ole Miss fans?

    • I love the Billboards but hope they don’t cause too many accidents. They will infuriate a lot of Rebel Black Bears! Road Rage!

    • I think MSU is doing a good job of marketing themselves, but Ole Miss is holding their own in the recruiting rankings (they are ahead of MSU on both Scout and Rivals team rankings). The Rebels (we’re not the Bears any more than Alabama is the Elephants) had a couple of bad recruiting classes back to back (Orgeron’s last and Nutt’s first) but Nutt’s last two classes have been ranked in the Top 20 and this one is shaping up to make it three in a row. We’ll be back.

      Hotty Toddy!

    • Enjoy the little run Bullys. Even the series and I will reply and eat crow. Lol

    • We Ole Miss fans could use some advice on how to deal with bowl season when you don’t make a bowl game. State has years of experience in that area and we would like to know how State fans endured bowlless seasons for all those years.

  • I don’t think the “Black Bears” of Ole Miss have much of a chance. They ran off the best coach they have had in decades in Cutcliffe to hire Ed The Ogre. The Ogre might go down as possibly the worst coaching hire the SEC has seen in the modern era. BUT then they go and hire Nutt job from Arky who has made a career out of going 8-4. Yes, Nutty is an improvement over Special Ed, but the Black Bears have locked down their position as doormat to the SEC West and Vanderbilt’s whipping boy.

    And yes! The rest of the SEC is making fun of you for changing your name.

  • if by “MSU dominating the rivalry” you mean they are down 19 games in the rivalry. 60-41

    • Wow, 19 games over MSU……..remind me, what bowl is the “Bears” going to again? Betcha they’d make it if instead of a bowl it was a basket……….eh boo boo?

  • I love this! Dan is the man and so are our boys on the field. I am so proud to go to Mississippi State University and have enjoyed every minute of it.

  • The billboard is AWESOME!!!! Dan Mullen is the best thing to happen to our team in a very long time. Everybody else just needs to leave him the heck alone.

  • If Ole Miss is “that school up north” that makes Moo U “that school beneath us”!

    • the opposite of north is south, not down. Nice work with your attempt at cleverness, but until they start stacking maps, Starkville will never be “beneath” Oxford.

  • Tacky. Typical State. win two and they think they own it

  • I think its typical. MSU shows how “classy” they really are. Just like the holiday christmas card at the egg bowl last year “From Dixon with love”, which was meant to be a jab at the “From dixie with love” controversy at Ole Miss. They’re classy. As i left the last egg bowl in Starkville I had beer poured on me, was spit on, and had a guy try to assault me with a cow bell, these are true southern gentlemen at there best. Just look at how they acted at the Kentucky VS MSU basketball game last year. Im sorry, Ole Miss doesn’t have to do trashy things like this. It was the first university in the state, it is the flagship school. State is jealous, I say let them be. If their administration will pay for advertisements like this, they only show their true colors. Im sure Ill get a thousand negative comments back to this, and thats fine, you’ll all just be pissed off cause you know i’m right. Someone earlier said it best, tie the series and then ill wear maroon!

    • You are wrong. Mississippi College was the first university in the state. I’ve seen more classless, vomit-stained frat boys at Ole Miss football games than I ever saw at Mississippi State.
      And “had a guy try to assault [you] with a cow bell” probably means he rang it within five feet of you, and you were too bitter and jealous to handle it.

      • Love your comments

      • You got me, your correct, I was wrong. Mississippi College was first. 60-41, back to back cotton bowl champs, and a 48-0 win over state two years ago, (the past is the past, but its still relevant) Can state say they beat us 48-0 this year, or any year in the past decade? No. I just hope that the SEC can finally handle this cowbell situation, its got out of line, say what you want, but you weren’t there. Maybe you yourself, sir, wouldn’t have the indecency to do it, but trust me, others do.

        • i love the rivalry, it keeps it interesting. ole miss blackbears have the nerve to think they are better than… msu is just excited and proud of our team. put that in your black bear pipe and smoke it!!!
          also, what about the beginning of last year when ole miss black bears were on the cover of s.i., boy things sure did go downhill from there. y’all went to the cotton bowl then had to get some convict for your qb to save you…. how did that work for y’all???? fine southern gents at their best!

        • Well, I have seen multiple times, people getting hit by whiskey bottles at UM. I doubt cowbells have done as much damage.

        • Wrong again, jackass, the score was 45-0. How many ways can you be wrong?

          Also, it is you’re not your. Please tell me you are not an alum of the school I love…

        • Hey dumbass, over the past five years State leads the series…And if you want to talk about relevance, how about the current coach’s records against eachother!? Dan is 2-0 !!!! Anyone who has ever played competitive sports will tell you; When it comes to your record, you’re only as good as your last game!

        • One more thing, the biggest beat down in the history of the Egg Bowl…65-0 State!

    • Are you serious… do you think that Mississippi “State” trash just magically stops at Lafayette County line? If so, you must be the most ignorant Ole Miss fan in the world. Last I checked, Ole Miss and Miss State fans all inhabit the same cities, counties, schools, and churches. I remember a drunk 30 something blonde lady hanging over the bottom rail at VHS yelling slurred obscenities at MSU fans as they left the stadium in 2000. I remember students tossing garbage, bottles, cups at the MSU band as they stood in the endzone before the stadium addition was added. So before any fan, of any school, calls another trashy… maybe you should look a little closer. Trashy seems to appear at all schools.

    • Looks to me that those high recruiting classes have yet to pan out! Nutt can’t win without Coach O’s players.
      And what’s up with this yell “o” during the games in oxford. I really think someone should investigate who is coming up with all of this? And FIRE THEM!!! First the Black Bear and now Yell “O”. Has anyone realized the definition for Yellow? “Cowardly”!

      Go State!!

  • Good for State! They’ve been due for a long time and I’m happy the tide has turned for them. Dan Mullen seems to be a good fit and State is on track to do nothing but rise every year. This Bama fan is thrilled for them.

  • It never fails, everytime that TSUN is on another downhill slide, they are quick to bring up statistics from the past in order to prop-up their over inflated ego. They always remind us of the series record or their trips to the Cotton Bowl. However, there is one statistic that they always fail to remember. Who is the ONLY team in the SEC West that has NOT been to Atlanta(SEC Championship Game)?? Answer–TSUN Black Bears.. With the direction they are headed, they couldn’t find Atlanta with a GPS.. GO STATE!!!!

    • Hey Steve…
      When else do you cite statistics? By definition, statistics are reported “from the past”. You know…like talking about MSU’s one trip to the SEC championship 11 years ago? The year that put MSU back on probation? Congratulations on MSU’s third NYD bowl in its history. It’s a fun time. OM fans should know…We’ve had three of those in the past 7 years. Ooops! I did it again…talking about “the past”. I guess MSU fans can’t talk about the 2010 Egg Bowl, because like the 60 Ole Miss wins over MSU, it’s in “the past”.

  • Yeah, they’re still in freaking Starkville, which is the biggest backwater in a downtrodden state that is full of backwaters. If Starkville was so great, Mullen wouldn’t be using it as a stepping-stone to go somewhere else.

    • For the record, I’ve lived in Oxford and Starkville. While I may be a State fan, my wife is not. She is an OM fan. I have been trying to get her to take a job offer in Oxford but she won’t move. Every time I ask her why she replies, “I just don’t like Oxford”. Truth is, there’s not a big enough difference between Oxford and Starkville other than the fact that there are a lot more upitty little bitch frat boy types in Oxford that thinks they are entitled to everything just because their daddy buys them everything they want. Too bad their daddy never buys them what it is they really need, a F’ing clue!

      • Yeah, you are right, Tyler. No difference in Starkville and Oxford. That’s why all those national publications write stories about the Square in Starkville…..No wait, that’s Oxford. Well, anyway, that’s why all those national publications talk about the Junction and its tailgating atmosphere on game days……No wait…that’s Oxford again. What were you saying again?

        • Well, enjoy your Square (which I do enjoy) and rich, exploit filled history during your bowl-less holidays. I’m ooooooooooooooooold Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg! Nutt was a bad hire in the long run. Just saying.

    • Unless you visit Starkville as an ignorant and close minded person, as you seem to be, it’s not hard to fall in love. Honestly, you can’t put down the town because of the team. I for one am not comfortable on Oxford and feel very out of place even being there. How many times have you been to Starkville? Once every two years for the Egg Bowl in which you are too drunk out of your mind to even remember what Starkville looks like.

      Also, if Mullen wanted to go somewhere else HE COULD, but he’s not. He’s gotten what, two offers? Nutt has gotten what, the offer of quiting or being fired? Mullen is an amazing man and he loves his boys, his school, and his home.

  • Most of these quotes are pitifully sad. In any game there will be only one winner. While I think the rivalry is a good thing I also think the “black bear” and nasty comments about Coach Nutt are uncalled for. I think as highly of Coach Nutt as state fans think of Mullens so I refrain from being public with my thoughts and opinions. Teams have bad years and this year was a bad one for the REBELS. One thing is for sure….they will be back.

    • Yo, mister “refrain from being public with your opinions”, State’s Coach’s name is Mullen, M U L L E N for those with lawer/doctor eyesight.

      • Excuse me for spelling Mullen with an S. My bad. That being cleared, you might want to check your own spelling. In Oxford we spell it LAWYER. Ofcourse we are usually held to a higher standard than graduates of State.