South Carolina’s March Through Alabama Begins In Auburn

Marcus Lattimore South Carolina Gamecocks Freshman Football
Marcus Lattimore South Carolina Gamecocks Freshman Football

Marcus Lattimore Will Run Over Auburn Like Georgia

The 2010 college football season has commenced in a dreamlike state for the University of South Carolina. The Gamecocks are 3-0 and have accumulated lofty national rankings, and impressive national praise. The talent is in place and the players are performing as expected, with the exception of Marcus Lattimore, who has exceeded all expectations and simply left fans, opponents, and NFL scouts awestruck. Late September has never meant this much to USC in the past and this Saturday, Carolina football has a chance to continue the dream season. A primetime matchup between USC and Auburn is set for 7:45 Saturday night and both teams fully understand what is at stake.

I will make a bold prediction, USC 31 Auburn 20. Auburn needed every second of last week’s game to beat the purple clad tiger cubs from the upstate. After watching that game, and as a USC fan, victory is ours for the taking. However, it will be Stephen Garcia and Steve Spurrier who decide if we succeed and claim this very important win.

South Carolina must win this game if they are to reach their goal of winning the SEC east. This is the year for Carolina, and the year Spurrier has been waiting for since arriving in Columbia. The schedule only gets tougher from this point on, and with that home game vs. Alabama looming large, the players and coaches realize the importance of this road trip to Auburn. When Carolina wins on Saturday they will be 2-0 in conference play, entering a bye week with two weeks to prepare for master deceiver Nick Saban and the crimson bribe. Victory is a must for South Carolina, and every player, coach, and fan realizes this fact.

Now, to an actual analysis of the game and matchups. In my opinion, quarterback play will decide the victor. Stephen Garcia has improved leaps and bounds this year, however his turnovers have increased in the last two games. His statistics heading into Saturday are not eye catching and as impressive as Ryan Mallet’s, but he has done very well in ensuring victories and sustaining offensive possession. Cameron Newton is an impressive athlete, who can single handedly lose or win a game with his feet or arm. He is an exciting player to watch, but he is yet to grasp the importance of not turning the ball over. With all disrespect directed towards Yabo Dabo Do Swinney, and his Clemson Tigers, USC’s defense is superior to Clemson’s and will make Newton pay for his carelessness with the pigskin. If Garcia can manage the game, like he has shown thus far in 2010, and Newton decides he is Vince Young vs the Pittsburgh Steelers, then the Gamecock defense will make Auburn pay and victory will be all too easy. With that being said, Auburn has a very solid rushing attack, so it will be up to Carolina’s defense to continue its solid play and force Newton into long passing Situations.

This game will provide another high profile situation for Lattimore. The entire country will be tuned in to see if this phenom is for real, and I believe Spurrier will game plan to ensure Marcus receives his carries. Lattimore is the key for Carolina. Auburn can score points, and score fast. Long sustained drives will be essential on Saturday, and Lattimore must continue his dominance to keep the ball out of Newton’s hands. Our offense can and will inflict damage on Auburn’s defense. They have shown they are fast and can hit hard, however they enjoy giving up points. Teams have had success running and passing the ball against the Tigers and Spurrier should have no problem finding the holes in their defense.

Another question for the game is that this will be Carolina’s first true road test. I don’t believe this will be an issue. Our Gamecocks are a very experienced bunch and almost everyone on the roster has played in hostile environments over the past couple of seasons. Lattimore is the only key player who hasn’t encountered an SEC road game, but with the way he abused the Bulldogs, PETA will be calling President Pastides after he tames the Tigers.

The keys for victory are the following: Sustained and balanced offensive drives resulting in points, limiting and forcing turnovers, absence of crucial penalties, and allowing Lattimore to continue his historic season (Basically, everything mentioned above is summarized as don’t be the Carolina of yester year). If the Gamecocks continue their play from earlier games, they should have no problem walking away with a victory.

The game this Saturday is a primetime event, and an opportunity for Carolina to keep the dream alive. Hope is alive and well in Columbia and can only get stronger with a win this weekend.

Also, I would like to send out my thoughts and prayers for Kenny McKinley and his friends and family. This is a tragic situation and all of Gamecock nation is in mourning after this tragedy. He was a fantastic student athlete and represented all of us with tremendous pride on and off the field. He will never be forgotten, rest in peace Kenny, Forever to thee.

South Carolina vs Alabama Football Game Auburn

The March Through Alabama Begins In Auburn



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  • of course only an uneducated being from south carolina could make that comment. i think you need to look at your stats and films a little closer.

  • IMO the key to this game is Offensive Line play. If the O-Line can ward off the Auburn pass rush and open up holes for Lattimore, this game will never be in question. If not, we will be in for a white knuckled finish just like the farmers in the upstate.

  • Lattimore will run all over the plains of Auburn

  • Um. You really are full of yourself. SC. You haven’t beat anyone of substance yet.

    You beat Southern Miss at home oooohhhh that was so tough !!
    You beat GA at home against a freshman QB who was playing his 2nd College game ever without their star receiver. That game was a lot closer than you are presenting it. Both teams were 1 mistake away from making that game being 17-13. Your “veteran” Garcia’s fumble on his own 20, and Ealy’s fumble on the 3. SC hasn’t had a winning SEC record since 2005, and now all of a sudden in a snap its getting turned around after your 1-2 start last year. Big deal you beat a team with a Freshman QB at home. Thats like beating up on Vandy (whom you lost to last year) and putting that forward as the shining accomplishment as to why you are the best.

    Lets put this into perspective SC. You beat Southern Miss, ssooo hard.
    You did a mediocre job beating UGA with their Freshman QB in his 2nd game who doesn’t have his pocket timing down yet . Without A.J. Green.
    And you let the mighty FURMAN hang 19 on you while you “destroyed” them 38-19

    All of this was done AT HOME, and now you are going to waltz into Jordan Hare, and beat Auburn on the road with ease.

  • You are right !! You are making a BOLD statement, and a severely flawed one.

  • If you watch the game film. When Clemson runs the HB Smash/Stuff it and hope your blockers clear a hole. Auburn stopped them for a loss. These are the same style plays that the FRESHMAN Lattimore likes to run. The only backs that put up rushing yardage on Auburn was their Veteran back with 7.2 yards per rush last season, 3rd most in Clemson history. The plays that were successful were Draw and PA attempts that veterans are better at executing. All your “golden boy” Lattimore is good for this year are basicnrun with good blocking. You exposed Garcia’s weaknesses in your article that was intended to praise him; “Stephen Garcia has improved leaps and bounds this year, however his turnovers have increased in the last two games”.

    Wait, Garcia has improved leaps and bound ? WTF ?? He has improved leaps and bounds but he has more turnovers against Furman than he had against UGA an SEC rival. By the that logic more is less. Lest we forget the fumblayay fumblruskie inside UGA’s 25. Yeah, the evidence of his improvement is obvious.

    SoCar got a TOP25 ranking after they were put up on a stage for Thursday night Football, destroying their Season opening cupcake with an “impressive performance”. UGA destroyed their Season opener with an “impressive performance” and they obviously suck this year. Now Auburn beat MSU in week 2 on a short week on the road with the NCAA violation cowbells. You beat UGA’s FROSH QB at home in silence as your first SEC “test”, Then Auburn beat Clemson, arguably better than the Furman “powerhouse” SC almost F’ed up with the turnover captain Garcia. Flush off !!! The current line is Auburn -2.5 SC + 2.5. You were ranked 24 before you beat UGA. You beat a 22 ranked opponent with a Freshman QB minus AJ Green by 11 AT HOME, and all of a sudden you get a catapult into #12. Huh ? WTF ???

    You are definantly overconfident regarding mexicali Garcia, and your Freshman Lattimore. I’ll take Dyer, McCalleb, Newton, Zachary, Carr, Adams, Blake and Burns, and All Senior Offensive Line over your Garcia, FR Lattimore any day. Your Passing game is stil lacking, and Chizik knows it. ESPN mag was talking about replacing Garcia if he started screwing up. Well he hasn’t had the chance yet. Again Southern Miss, Weak UGA, and FURMAN “the powerhouse” all at home. Auburn is favored by 2.5. If you are a USC fan take that bet because USC is joining the other USC in the overrated club, and Spurrier has shown his “prowess” by providing ONE winning SEC record in the past 5 years. REALLY ??? 1 SEC record over 4-4 in 5 years I believe UGA, Auburn, LSU and Alabama call that a cause for a throat slitting. Hey SC, You should have hired Tuberville. He can Guarantee more than 1 SEC winning season in 5 years. ” I’m Steve Spurrier, I gave SCar ONE single winning 5-3 SEC Season in the past 5 years. That makes me a POWER COACH.” Spurrier is a small bitch because the NFL was so receptive to his football ideology

  • We aren’t talking about years past, but yes SC most overcome that hurdle. Regardless of how you view our sc’s schedule, no one could argue their performances against southern miss and georgia weren’t impressive. according to you, Auburn hasn’t played anyone impressive yet either, however their victories are far less impressive. It will be a good game, I just think our defense is better, and our quarterback takes care of the ball better. we will see on saturday


    You are so clearly a butt hurt Clemson tard its quite comical to listen to how much you hate the Gamecocks. Why get so worked up over your team being mediocre this year….is not the first time and certainly won’t be the last. Kudos to Clemson for scheduling a decent SEC opponent this year but you still lost to the fourth best team in the West.

    Go cry somewhere else…..BTW, congrats on your signature win so far this year over presbyterian….LOL to the maximus!

  • Hold on there Mr Wise One,,, U forgot that big win the turd cats had the 1st. game.!!!!
    Beating up on North Texas Jr. College. If they don’t play the Dukies this year then they done had their two wins !!!

  • We shall see when Auburn comes to Jordan Hare. Can’t wait for you to check this blog Sunday Morning.

  • Peter Griffin says:
    September 21, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Shut up, Meg.


  • Ok SCsucks, Southern Miss. is not a sec caliber team but still a very powerful win from Carolina in week 1 (reminder 41-13), Yea UGA had a freshman QB but we had a freshman RB in Lattimore(and UGA was in Top 25). And can you expect a mindblowing win against Furman after a win like that…..(no). And you talk like yall have played powerhouses but yall have played Arkansas State ooooooh powerhouse at home, Miss. State which is no better than Southern Miss., And Clemson (at home) which is no better than UGA. And yall went to OT. So how can you complain about how weak South Carolina’s schedule was when you played Ark. State, Miss. State, and Clem. You have yet to play a top 25 team. We have in UGA sooooooo tell me we have a weaker schedule

  • Spuirrier vs. Gene Chizik. Would you even consider Chizik honestly SCsucks you sound like a Auurn nut who thinks yall will go undefeated because yall have Chizik from all mighty Iowa State cyclones where he did nothing, and a fresh-meat quarterback in Cam Newton. Get Real dog. Yall still got 1 or 2 more years. SC waited our time we have the team we waited for. I really hate to bust your bubble but I hate ignorance.

  • Peyton, a Fresman QB is a whole lot different than a Freshman RB. If you try to argue differently you are just stupid. The entire offense doesn’t revolve around a RB. But the offense does revolve around a QB. And the fact that you little SoCar desperates are wanting your GA win to mean so much that you are using the “we have a Freshman RB” argument to override the fact that you still haven’t beat anyone of Substance. Again offenses letd by True Freshman QBs never amount to shit. They never really have. But you just keep trying to put that weak GA win as the forefront of your accomplishments so far this season. Again you have not a winning SEC record since 2005 when the ole Liver Spotted Ball coach took the helm. I don’t blame Lou Holtz for dumping you small town rejects when he had the chance. Oh, and your last winning SEC record was with the team that Holtz recruited. More evidence that Spurrier is as useless as the skin slab after a circumcision. Since 2005 it has taken Spurrier 4 years to get a POSSIBLE SEC winning record. Really ? Peyton, the argument : “SC waited our time we have the team we waited for” is just stupid. Spurrier takes 4 years to put together a team that can produce a barely positive SEC record over 4-4 . And you call that “SC waited our time we have the team we waited for” Well I have a Bridge in NY that I can sell you, dont owrry the interest rates are manageable. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS ??? It is SEC plain and simple. Spurrier hasn’t had a winning SEC record since 2005 and you keep him around ? 4 seasons since he took the helm and you haven’t seen a positive result.

    The democrat Bill Clinton said it best, ” The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over expecting different results.”

    Employing a coach that continues a losing SEC record for 4 seasons without a pink slip for capt Douche lick Spurrier is well. . . insane.

    You talk shit about Chizik from Iowa State. He was part of the 2004 Auburn 13-0 season and he turned Auburn around from a 5-7 season to a 9-4 season in one year. Lets look at the seasons of the ole Liver Spot Ball Coach. 2005 7-5(5-3) 2006 8-5 (3-5) 2007 6-6 (3-5) 2008 7-6 (4-4) 2009 7-6 (3-5)
    And 2005 team was with Holtz players
    And I do believe that the last time you played Miss State you . . . . um . . . .LOST Yep they are so weak

    Wow I wish I could string together 4 losing SEC records in a row and call it “rebuilding” Then come out with a Freshman RB for whom I bought strippers and shots and give a valid claim as to why i should keep my job.

  • Actually, Mississippi State has not beaten South Carolina since 1999. South Carolina is 5-0 against the Bulldogs since that time. I wonder how many other facts you got wrong?

  • Excuse me Clemson. The previous poster talked about Auburn Beating Clemson being insignificant. Excuse me I meant Clemson. Anyway they cleaned your clock in ’08 31-14. And that is recent enough to be significant. So before you talk about team records, and the significance of victories, check your most recent stats and records.

    So Car tomorrow, welcome to Jordan Hare we will be happy to hand your asses to you as you board the dark and lonely bus to head back to Columbia. And to show you we aren’t even remotely as mean as LSU fanswe will even give you our tiger tails to wipe your tears. You So Car supporters will be very surprised.

  • Just one More Thing

    A few South Carolina vs. Auburn Betting trends to consider:

    – South Carolina is 4-1 SU in its last 5 games
    – The total has gone OVER in 6 of South Carolina’s last 9 games on the road

    – South Carolina is 1-6 SU in its last 7 games on the road

    – Auburn is 5-1 SU in its last 6 games at home
    – Auburn is 4-1 SU in its last 5 games

    You guys don’t seem to play well on the road.

  • Hell you haven’t won a raod game since your Season Opener last year against NC State. You haven’t won on the road since Sept. 5 2009. And you are going to just walk into Jordan Hare and easily take the win. Please if this was Sept. 5 2009 you might have a chance.

  • SC sucks Have you ever looked at your QB. Yea hes a freshmen. You are contradicting yourself. You say that fresham qb led offenses suk but talk crap for auburn. You are over the top. You are so un-realistic it’s funny. I think that SC will run on yall, thats why we’ll win close. touchdown-10pts. at most. Auburn is a good team i grant you. But you are simply and utterly ignaorant if you say SC is not. # 12 ranking, #2 returning passer, #2 RB out of high school already in heisman race, Spuirrier as coach (dont care what you say), veteran QB, 2 NFL prospect DE’s, 1 NFL prospect WR(Alshon Jeffery), another top level WR (Tori Gurley), 12.7 PPG. Defense, 4th total defense, cant argue with facts

    p.s. these are right unlike yours

  • I’ll be on here sun. morning i want to see if S.C. Sucks comes….. rational that is. I will be here win or lose for S.c. I pick S.C. 27 AU 21

  • As a dedicated Auburn fan I have to say I will be watching this game on the edge of my seat. Let’s face it our team, SC SUCKS, has looked better, not to say we look horrible because technically we are “undefeated” but damn if we haven’t been BARELY scrapping by, I think it will be a closer game than we hope unfortunately. WAR EAGLE nonetheless :) LOVE MY TIGERS :D LET’S BARELY WIN ANOTHER LOL :D

    good luck sc fans
    win lose or draw it will be a good game i’m betting

  • Hey Dumbass Auburn’s QB is a Junior who Took Binn College to their National Championship. He was the #1 recruit in the country are you fucking high Peyton ? Have you seen him Hang 14 on a team in 3 1/2 clock minutes in multiple games. He did it against A State and against Clemson over whom you can’t even try to claim dominance as SC hasn’t done much against them thats impressive.

  • SC Sucks, Get some class. This is going to be a defining game in our schedule. If we can get this win on the road, it might just turn out to be a very good season to be a Carolina fan. GO GAMECOCKS! WIN IT FOR #11!

  • What about those cocks That mexi-cali QB is the one tearing yall up SC Sucks. Wanna take back what you said about Garcia

  • Held Lattimore to 33 yards Rushing 28 yards receiving. Your Big Bad Back got shut down. You Cocks out there must not have seen the Auburn Alabama game last year when we held Big Bad Mark Ingram to 40. I told you that your GA win didn’t mean spit. GA sucks this year, and you put GA forward as your shining trophy as to why you are so great this year. Big mistake Mr. Phelps, big mistake. Bold Prediction it was, and dead wrong. I’ve been listening to you all week talk about how great Garcia is. Garcia protected the ball so well he turned it over on back to back drives when they needed him the most. Before you cry about the hit he took, welcome to the Fuckin’ SEC West. The ole’ ball coach benched his ass. Then in back to back drives, Shaw gets picked off.

    That aside, you guys really should examine what is behind your wins before you make “bold predictions” like SC 31- Auburn 20. UGA is terrible this year. They are shaping up to be one of the three worst in the SEC,down there with Tennessee. So you have beat Three weak teams. Was Jordan Hare a wake up call ? It had better be if you want to compete in the SEC. {stretching arms and kinking up feet} now that win, Texas and Arkansas’ loss, ought to put us up right around the 10 spot in the rankings, and you will drop to right around 20 or so. Don’t worry you won’t fall out of the Top 25, after all you did beat Georgia {snicker}. It was predicted to be a relatively high scoring game which it was with overs ranging from 49 – 54 depending on the handicapper. That was some of the sweetest money I made. I kept looking at the facts, and the facts spoke loud and clear so I put a little action where my mouth was, and I got paid. I was so sure I put 275 on a -110 line. $250 in my pocket.

    The facts are this before tonight SoCar had not played anyone tough. And War Cam Eagle shoved that ball up your ass into your endzone 5 time 2 through the air, and 3 on the ground. SC Sucks says SUCK IT SC !!!

  • Well SC sucks i congratulate you on the win. But if I were a betting man I would say we will see yall again in Atlanta. Fla. is weak, and two weeks off for Bama will pay off with a win, Ark. wont pass on us because our pass D is one of the best in the country. 11-1 for SC 12-0 for Auburn. See ya in SEC championship game. Go Cocks go.

  • It was a damn good game! Peyton, your defense, I have to admit, scared the hell out of me making us fumble so much! If it wouldn’t have been for the turn overs for either team IDK how the game would have ended. Good game (shakes hand) Best of luck in the games to come. War Eagle!!!!

  • you SC fans are still beleiving that you have a good team. You are just like the other USC. Overrated !! Only difference is that you face tests where So Cal wont, and you will see how bad you really are. The difference this year, is that you might squeak out a winning SEC record. I see a loss to Kentucky or Vandy. So Car isn’t that good. The weakness: Spurrier and fumble king Garcia.

  • SC Sucks. I disagree with you. I tend to think SC is not overrated – rather Auburn is just that good.

  • SC SUCKS = bammer that is posing as Auburn fan, in the same ilk as the tweeners trolling on…..

    and if you are what you claim to be, take five minutes and google Auburn creed. Then never post on this board again.

  • first off, who the f— do you think you are “SC SUCKS”?… i hope you got a chance to watch our gamecocks run all over that no. 1 ALABAMA… we re coming for you next