I’m going to pose some hypothetical questions for you to ponder, and give your opinions on. And please, these questions have nothing to do with the Iron Bowl rivalry, so please answer each question on their individual merit, and not as the start of a new Alabama-Auburn string.

1) – If you had the choice between signing a 4-star player, knowing he would stay for the full four years, or a 5-star player, knowing he would leave after his junior season, which would you choose, and why?

2) – If a close friend or family member decided to get married on the Saturday of a championship game that your team was playing in, and you had tickets to the game, would you go to the wedding or the game?

3) – If for some reason your school permanently dropped all athletic programs, would you root for another team, and if so, which team?

4) – Should recruiting ratings be updated to include filling needs? Which would be more important, a 5-star player at a position where you already have a lot of depth, or a 4-Star player at a position where you are thin?

5) – Should the NCAA allow schools to sign players as soon as they finish high school, give the players seven days to change their mind after signing their Letter of Intent, and another opportunity to rescind their Letter of Intent if the school’s head coach leaves or is fired?

6) – With so much emphasis now placed on recruiting, should they start awarding recruiting championships?

7) – Would you rather go 7-6, with one of those wins being against your top rival, or 12-1, with the lone loss being to your top rival?

8) – If you could choose to go back in time to any point in your lifetime, and go to any game of your choosing, which game would you want to see in person?

9) – Which SEC head coach is least likely to be coaching in the SEC in 2012?

10) – If you could attend any game in the nation, other than a game your team is participating in, which game would you like to see most?