PHOTO: Aaron Murray At FSU Party During Bye Week


This photo was taken over the weekend by a Florida State fan. That’s Georgia’s star quarterback, Aaron Murray, on the left…

Aaron Murray Drinking at Florida State Party

Let’s not throw him in the same bucket as Stephen Garcia, but UGA fans can’t enjoy seeing this. The guy without his shirt was a Georgia Tech walk-on wide receiver and that’s Georgia Tech’s 2009 ACC ring he is flaunting.

Murray turns 21 next month & Georgia is preparing for their game with the Florida Gators this week and can win the SEC East this season.

What’s your reaction to this photo?



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  • Typical crowd at FSU partying w/ no shirts on. Meat heads.

  • This is one of the biggest “WTF” situations I have seen all year. An underage Georgia Bulldog wearing a Florida State Seminole shirt, hanging out with Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket at a Florida State Seminole party. Come on!

  • This is a cluster f**k of a situation. Does this GT guy think he`s on the Jersey Shore? Put your shirt on idiot, you`re in public. Clearly they keep it classy down in Tallahassee. If I was a UGA fan I`d be a little upset 1. He`s hanging out with a GT player showboating his ACC ring (Which amounts to nothing) 2. He`s wearing a FSU shirt. I would be highly ticked off if I saw a picture of a player from my school wearing another schools shirt. Disrespectful.

  • So you think he’s going to run around with a UGA shirt on at FSU?? He was there to see his HS team mates who play for FSU….he’s drinking a friggin’ Natty Light…..if this is worst thing going on with the UGA football team we got it pretty good.

    Think LSU would like to have UGA’s troubles? No Fulmer Cup points for this, move along.

  • The only thing this picture is missing is Stephen Garcia and a bottle of Evan.

  • The photo of Stafford three years ago walking up stairs, carrying two hot blondes, one on each shoulder was a little bit cooler.

  • NCAA looked into underage athletes drinking? I know the Gaschlitza comparing will run rampant!The Ga Tech guy wasn’t tagged? Is he a bench warmer? The real Fla. issue comes Saturday,he should be watching film! Two wasted(no pun) days with no preparing for UF.?? I guess he figures he has next year? Do natty lites have alcohol in em? (Please forgive any typos I may have made . I’m on a smartphone and its hard to proofread).

  • Wow…lets make a huge deal out of…gasp…underage drinking in college?….say it aint so!…..pretty sure the boys have been hittin it hard all season for and nuthin wrong w gettin away for a while to go see old freinds to relieve a lil pressure. When we win saturday this will be a nonpoint.

    • Thats my point! The media ripped Garcia a new one for drinking,and I mean they ALL jumped on the bandwagon!! My college daze were always ended with a beer or 12! LOL! Glass houses!

  • Murray having a good time with friends from another school doesn’t bother me. Murray, a role model (as QB for UGA), obviously drinking in public & probably breaking Coach Richt’s team rules,does bother me. I’ll bet his mama ,grandma, & church folks are ashamed of him. Hope he grows up.

  • Says the Bama fan that has Trent Richardson driving around in a $50K car in pics with a Bama booster getting free dinners all over the place….Yeah, UGA has some real issues.

  • I like Aron Murray as a player BUTTTTTT!!! Hey PAL that pic looks GAY as hell !!!!

  • Y-A-W-N…. At least everyone is letting Cam Newton rest now. SEC football has become just another “Peyton Place”.

  • I know I am just an old fart, but it is sad today that a tremendous amount of people actually believe that LAWS don’t matter. Worse yet these young players don’t realize that it doesn’t matter what the standard is for the average campus student.

    It is also sad that anyone thinks that you have to be arrested before doing something illegal is considered wrong, or a black eye to the University. (Being photographed doing it is evidence enough, and don’t start the argument that he may just be holding it, he wasn’t tipping it back, or it could have been empty or unopened. There were people there that would like to see the Bulldogs drug through the mud that would speak up if needed)

    Another sad thing is that this probably won’t be addressed by the SEC unless they feel Georgia is improving to the point that they might jeopardize the chances of an undefeated West team reaching National Champion status.

    The fact of the matter, is that it is just plain stupid for someone that has put in the kind of effort to reach this point in his sports life, to do anything to put his efforts or the efforts of his team / coaches / recruiting staff / front office / etc at risk…..

    So there you go….. have a beer or 12 no problem right

  • I’m sorry … what’s the story here. WHO CARES?