New Boise State Uniforms for Georgia Game


Both teams will be wearing Nike Pro Combat Uniforms in the 2011 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game on September 3rd. Click here to see photos of UGA’s uniforms for the game. Boise State unveiled their new look today and here are the photos:

Boise State vs UGA Georgia Bulldogs Uniforms 2011

Boise State Nike Football Uniforms 2011 UGA Game

Boise State Nike Football Uniform Georgia Game 2011

Boise State Football Helmet 2011 Nike Atlanta Georgia

Boise State Broncos 2011 Nike Pro Combat Uniform

Boise State Broncos Football Uniform 2011 Nike

Boise State Football vs UGA Georgia Bulldogs

Boise St Broncos Football UGA Bulldogs Game

Boise State Broncos Football Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game

Under New Boise State Football Uniform 2011

New Nike Boise St Football Shoes 2011



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  • Dude, Atlanta is in Georgia … you know, the last of the 13 colonies, established by James Oglethorpe in 1732 at the behest of King George. Texas is a whole ‘nother place. Thanks.

    • I don’t even understand this comment…how can i reply to it?

      • You don’t have to reply, the problem has been taken care of, apparently. The original article stated the UGA/Boise State game would be played September 3 in Atlanta, Texas. This, being an institution of higher learning, likes to have correct info in print/online. Thanks.

  • All I can say is I hope Georgia whips the snot out of them, however, Georgia is one down already…U G L Georgia uniforms…onlything I have seen beat them in ugly is the turtle helmets…if there is more to go with the turtle helmets please keep them to yourself and lets talk about football on here instead of these god awful looking uniforms…..Georgia will win by 9

  • The Boise’s and Oregons are the attention whores of college football. They will play the SEC and see what football is all about, hard nosed tradition. I cant speak for Georgia but the rest of the SEC will show up like they always do in their traditional uni’s and whip some lesser conference ass! Go SEC and War Eagle!

  • Those uniforms are awesome, especially the helmets.

  • When does the “put your hands together to reveal a secret graphic” fad die?

    On a similar note, when will young athletes decide that neck tattoos are actually a terrible idea? Perhaps when this generation enters the real world and/or post-sports world.

  • Those new duds look good & clean now, but I hope they are grass/blood stained after the game. Go Dawgs & SEC!

  • god and larry munson save us

  • Ok so for those who dont know UGA isnt the only sec team wearin these…LSU, UF, Arkansas and yes ALABAMA have all worn these new nike unis. The only reason AU isnt is bc they have a contract with Under Armor. The players are exited about wearing them and thats all that matters. Guess its hard for Auburns players to get exited about anything but a $180,000+ paycheck.

  • Every article I have read about the uniforms this season, I’ve seen so many people become irate. So what if your team is wearing a new uniform? Stop complaining like little girls, I think Nike has got a good thing going with having certain teams wear the Pro Combats every year. Nice to see a change in a uniform look every now and then.

  • I can NOT WAIT for this game! The uniforms look awesome – Go Broncos, Beat Georgia!