Can We Ban Crying In Sports?

Tim Tebow CryingFor those of us who follow sports pretty closely, we started the week with a story about the Miami Heat players crying about their inability to win the close games.  Since most of America isn’t too fond of Lebron James, and frankly, like to root against contrived teams like the Heat, it’s a pretty funny situation.

Many fans remember the scene of Timmy Tebow crying his heart out on the sideline when Florida lost to Alabama in the 2009 SEC Championship Game signaling the end of Tebow’s attempt to win a 3rd national championship.

I could hear the many SEC fans out there who loved to bash Tebow simply for being Tebow yelling at their TVs: What a baby!  I knew he was gay!  Tebow sucks!  Quit crying you idiot!

Then there are the fans that are put on television shown crying when their team is losing a big game.  It’s great television and communicates the emotional heart break of losing the big one.

Full disclosure: I’m a gigantic football fan, but I’ve never once come close to crying when my team has lost.  Throw out a few cuss words, sure.  Get more mad than I should, absolutely.  But cry?  That’s just stupid.

I mean yes, I’d like to win those big games, but losing the Iron Bowl in 2010 isn’t exactly a tragedy.  Well maybe it is when you’re up 24 points at home, but that’s another story.  There are plenty of tragedies in life to get upset about, but losing a football game is hardly one.

Furthermore, the fans that are usually shown crying in the stands are either college aged girls or like a five year old boy.  I would guess that both the college chick and the young boy both have no idea what is going on half the time in the game.  So, why are they crying?

So, let’s stop the crying already.  I’m all about insane fanaticism.  I’m even borderline ok with acts like poisoning trees (I kid!) but crying is just stupid.

I’ve witnessed all kinds of nutty acts by obscene football fans during the four years I attended an SEC school and the plenty of games I’ve gone to since.  There was the LSU fan that cussed out the 80 year old woman from the opposing school.  There were the ten or more fights I witnessed (of which three or four I was a part of) at the World’s Largest Cocktail Party in Jacksonville.  There were the 100+ alcohol fueled acts of stupidity that are too inappropriate to mention.  Sure, some of them were silly.  Some of them were outright wrong.  But, I’m still ok with just about all of them.

Crying?  Let’s nip that in the bud.  Leave it to Tim Tebow and Lebron James.



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