Charlie Weis is gone to Kansas to be the next head coach, but he did leave behind a bunch of happy players (happy because he’s gone) and one very interesting comment that has some Florida fans even wondering if he can evaluate talent correctly.

In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, Weis had the following comments about current senior quarterback Brantley:

Another interesting thought from Weis: Gators QB John Brantley already is good enough to play in the NFL. Weis thinks he’s better than some of the current pros.
“I think John’s going to have an opportunity to play on Sundays,” Weis said. “I think he’d be a good, reliable back-up quarterback at this point. I think he’s better than some of the back-up quarterbacks that are in the NFL right now.
“If I had a couple more years with the kid, I think he’d even be that much better. But I do believe that at least we put him in a position to be competitive on the next level, where he’ll get himself an opportunity and then it’ll be what he does with it once he gets there.”

In a way I feel bad for Brantley and what all he encountered at Florida following what could be the greatest quarterback in NCAA history in Tim Tebow.

No doubt Brantley will be successful in life because he’s a good kid, but I’m not sold he will be playing in the NFL on Sundays. Stranger things have happened though.