Chris Rainey: Gators Better Than LSU & Alabama

Chris Rainey Florida Gators Football Comments LSU Alabama

Chris Rainey Florida Gators Football Comments LSU Alabama

Chris Rainey is fast and talented. Nobody is disagreeing with that, but both him and Jeff Demps have problems when they play against the top defenses. Here are Chris Rainey’s stats this season before the last 2 games. He played these 4 games against Florida Atlantic, UAB, Tennessee, and Kentucky:


Games Touchdowns Avg Rush Attempts Avg Rush Yards Avg Receiving Yards Total Yards
First 4 4 16 103 53.5 625

Compare that to his statistics in the last 2 games when he played Alabama (video highlights in 38-10 loss) and LSU (video highlights in 41-11 loss):


Games Touchdowns Avg Rush Attempts Avg Rush Yards Avg Receiving Yards Total Yards
Last 2 0 12 28 15.5 87

With a combined score of 79-21 and these statistics in mind, check out what he said to Michael DiRocco regarding the Alabama Crimson Tide & LSU Tigers:

“I felt we was better than them.”

At least he isn’t more out of touch with reality than Memphis’ Athletic Director & his comments

What’s your reaction to this statement?

Chris Rainey Florida Gators Football Running Back

Here are Chris Rainey’s three big plays in the last two weeks:



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  • I think they need to give him a random drug test, ’cause whatever he’s taking is making him delusional.

  • Well, I can’t defend This guy, he definitely Put himself out there by making comments like that; we truly got beat by two better teams. We are young. On the other hand: we’ve been beating those teams for years, now they get two wins in a row and all of the sudden is trash talk time. I guess when we have been as good as we’ve been, that’s expected. Go Gators!! Beat Auburn

    • Well just to clear things up for you mr. alexander Florida doesnt have a winning record over BAMA in this decade or the whole series since playing in 1904. With this decades record being 4-2 with yall only beating BAMA twice once at ben hill and once in SEC championship game three years ago. Now LSU is another story

      • Yeah of all the teams wanting to talk about history, Florida is not what i expected. Hell, we can even brag about historical wins over you guys, and look at us for the past decade haha. Florida doesn’t deserve as much as they think they do.

        • Yall can brag over lsu But not BAMA, bc BAMA has smacked that a$$ this decade

  • Yes it was a pretty ignorant statement, buttt you have to respect him for still having faith in his team. I mean what do you think would happen if he said “they’re definitley way better than us”?

  • This statement is so vague and poorly worded that it could be being misunderstood. To me, the heavy use of past tense makes it sound like he once believed that Florida was better, but not that he still does. In other words, he could be saying, “I thought we were better, but learned that we weren’t.” Unless I see the full context (and couldn’t find it on a quick Google search), it’s just a quote seemingly taken out of context to stir people up.

    • Good point. Michael DiRocco is a reporter for the Florida Times-Union out of Jacksonville. He tweeted Rainey’s comment here. He followed it up with more tweets about him being delusional. Check out his timeline yesterday (Oct 10).

      • The context is still completely unclear. All the RTs don’t really clear up what he meant. To me, it sounds more like someone who came up short in a marathon and said, “I felt like I could do it.” Maybe if, as a reporter, DiRocco would actually write an article instead of using 140-character tweets.

  • He needs to go back and watch the films again, before making stupid statements that that. The east is just not as physical as the west, he needs to talk to his QB about how sick BAMAS Defense is before making crazy statements. (I am sure he wished he had an offensive line like Bamas, so he could show off his talents on a big stage, instead of beating up on cupcakes.)

  • “I felt we was better than them.”

    That seems pretty clear to me.

  • Yall say what ya want. You know nobody can outrun him!