The SEC will not release the 2012 football schedule until after Christmas sometime; however, some parts of the schedule have leaked out for now. We’ll take what we can get, right?

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive has reiterated that next year’s schedule will not reflect the long-term SEC schedule; but rather, a permanent schedule will be put into place after 2012 in 2013.

Here’s what has leaked so far for next year:

Alabama is scheduled to play both Missouri and Texas A&M. So, they get both of the two newbies. Lucky for Missouri and the Aggies, right?

Florida will travel to Texas A&M the second weekend of the season to be the Aggies’ first SEC home game; likewise, Florida will be playing its first SEC game against TAMU instead of playing the annual Tennessee game on the third week in September. Florida’s other West opponent will remain LSU like it has been.

Georgia will travel to Missouri in early September. Also, the Bulldogs were scheduled to play Alabama next year, but instead of Alabama, the Bulldogs will take on Auburn and Ole Miss in the West.

The Georgia-South Carolina matchup is moving to October instead of the second week of the season. I love this change because it will put more emphasis on that game in the future if its later in the year.

Ole Miss’ battle with Vanderbilt will take place later in the season, but the Rebels are scheduled to play both Texas and Texas A&M at home in 2012. Yikes.

Tennessee is scheduled to play Missouri at home sometime in November. Also, the Vols’ two West opponents will be Mississippi State and Alabama at home.

We’ll know the full story when the SEC releases the final 2012 schedule. Until then, everyone can only speculate.