New South Carolina Uniforms: “Wounded Warrior” by Under Armour


Under Armour created a new uniform for the South Carolina Gamecocks to be worn on Oct. 1 against Auburn, a way of honoring our nation’s Wounded Warriors. The design is similar to what South Carolina wore against Florida in 2009 where the player’s last names are replaced with inspirational words like HONOR, COURAGE, etc. The usual block C on the helmet will be filled in with the camo-based print instead of black. Here are the photos revealed by the school today:

New South Carolina Under Armour Football Uniform

Under Armour Football Wounded Warrior Project Shoe

Compare this to the SEC teams using new Nike uniforms during a 2011 game:

What do you think about all these unusual uniforms?



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  • At Tennessee, we like to wear our school colors. I guess it’s not the same at other schools.

  • More “power ranger” uniforms. Ugh.

    • These are from the creators of the hideous Maryland uniforms. I can see the similarities in the gloves and the section that is supposed to be camouflage.

      • If the patterned portions were a solid color and they got rid of the stripes on the back of the pants, they might not be too bad. However, the pattern is there and the uniforms are bad. Not as bad as Georgia, but still…

  • I love the Gamecocks and I’m proud that we support and acknowledge or service men and women. However, I do NOT support these uniforms. They are great as fan items, but official unis? Not so much. It is cool that the gloves look like they’ll make the American flag.

  • Change the uniforms…but the players won’t play any better… Keepin it real…Roll Tide…!!!

  • the old wounded warrior uniforms were awesome. why change?

  • How lame are we as a country that the only way show support for our veterans, especially the injured ones, is for a company to make a special uniform that we watch players wear on TV? Could anything require any less effort from Americans and would it be done if profit wasn’t involved? God bless our soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen. I’m sorry I don’t mean to be a drag, but something about this just rubs me the wrong way but if it makes a wounded warrior feel better, then I’m for it. BTW, ugly. Is everybody trying to out ugly the Ducks???

  • Terrible. Why not donate proceeds from the game to the USMC wounded warrior project? O wait…. that would mean actually GIVING money to help our troops… rather than MAKING money off of them. We can’t have that now can we? Why doesn’t Under Armour say: “In an effort to promote awareness about the wounded warrior project we will donate dollar-for-dollar everything we spend in advertising for the SCar game to the WWP.”

  • The custom jerseys will be auctioned-off on each of the Universities’ websites the Monday following each game with a 100% of all proceeds benefiting Believe in HeroesTM

  • Wait, the SEC is starting an arena football league?

  • As a vet, everyone on here that wants to bash about how sad it is to use something like this to honor us, let me say this. When I saw this uniform and realized it was Wounded Warrior I smiled. Made me feel good. Now I found out that these will be auctioned with the proceeds going to a good Charitable Foundation, and I’m proud of USC. I don’t see any other team doing this. They get a go in my book.

  • I like them. I think that its a great way to honor our troops, especially since they will be auctioned off to benefit charity. People need to learn all of the facts before bashing a company for trying to make money off of our soldiers contribution to our country. I am a Hog fan, but in this, I am 100% in support of SCar…

  • The Old Wounded Worrier Uniforms were much better looking. Yeah these aren’t great looking but why is everybody acting like these are permanent changes? It’s one game a year then they are auction off. This is nothing like “Pro Combat” Uniforms where they are changing them to be different. These are actually raising money for a cause. That’s the difference. Then we go back to the classic look the rest of the season.

  • Its one thing to come out with “new” unis for a big game. Thats been done for years, one of the oldest tricks/gimmicks in the book. Notre Dame had been doing it for years. Its entirely different to sport a uniform dedicated to the very people who ensure that we get to see football on saturday, and Sunday, or any other day of the d#$m week that we choose to play it. No names on the jerseys but rather the very attributes (courage,honor, bravery, etc) that have made this country free. And then the jerseys are auctioned off and the procedes go to the wounded vets……………..really, you’re gonna bash that, really

    If you are bashing these jerseys, you have really lost perspective. You are like the guys that UAB “fingered” as addicts to football (which aint bad as long as you havent forgotten whats really important).

    USC has been at the forefront of suppport for our troops over the years and they deserve some credit for it and for being willling to stand out in front of people and let them know where they stand.

  • Indeed, they did. Trust me, straaaange things happen when Kiffen is at the helm.

  • they blow, but not as bad as georgias

  • I am glad that they are donating the auction proceeds. Great move by the University.

    But they are still ugly.

  • LSU isn’t that bad but UGA and USC do not need to wear these unifroms in public… EVER! I think that uniforms should be one of those things that should be off limit to tampering with.
    At least South Carolina is giving some of the money to a worthy cause, I wish Georgia could say that they looked like fire ants for a good cause.

  • who cares about how they look? they are for a good cause, they will raise money for the wwp, and its a one time thing, not like theyre gonna wear them every other game this year…

  • Screw all of you. These uniforms are dirty and as a carolina fan I am proud that we at least take one game of our season to acknowledge the men and women across seas. So for all u people talkin bad about thes uniforms, your unpatriotic and should feel ashamed that ur teams wouldn’t do this. GO COCKS

    • Our mascot refers to the thousands of people from our great state who gave their lives for this country, even when other states wouldn’t. So i wouldn’t go making these unpatriotic claims. Go Vols (as in Volunteers (as in people who volunteered to give their lives for this country)). God Bless America.

  • I love the cause and support it. Hate the uniforms. Hey Under Armor, why do we have to have “special jerseys” to auction off. Why not auction the traditional jerseys…oh I forgot this is for publicity, not our veterans.

    Well here is your publicity…learn more about football. The numbers on the jerseys are important and need to be seen.

  • Our state uses UT colors for inmates picking up the trash beside the road. Does your state do so also? Four in a row on Oct. 19th! Hillbillies going down again!