UGA has decided not to wear the Nike Pro Combat uniforms it wore in the Georgia Dome season opening loss to Boise State. Head Coach Mark Richt had told the team back in August if they returned to the Dome for the SECCG, they could wear the unis again. From the reaction I’ve seen on the blogs and read in the sports pages, it was a unanimous decision not to wear them.

Lots is being made of whether a loss in the SECCG for UGA would somehow “ruin” their season. I think if you had told the UGA fan base before the season UGA could compete to win 11 games and go to a major bowl, most would have jumped at that scenario.

Truth is, a UGA loss to LSU is what is expected by most. A win would be a major upset and one of the biggest wins in school history. Either way UGA is ahead of where I thought they would be at the start of the season. LSU is the one that has the most to lose.

Which brings me to the BCS debate…

If LSU loses in regulation to UGA on Saturday, why would LSU still automatically be a lock for the BCS game? Alabama would have lost to a #1 ranked LSU in OT while LSU would’ve lost to a #14 UGA. So who is the better one-loss team?

OK State’s loss in OT to an unranked Iowa State does seem to weaken their resume, however, in 2007 LSU lost TWICE as the #1 team in the country and still made it to the BCS game. Their argument was they didn’t lose in regulation with both loses coming in OT games. So would that logic hold this year?

OK State lost in OT to Iowa State, does that negate the severity of the loss? Bama lost to LSU in OT as well. So to use LSU’s logic those don’t count.

A regulation time loss to UGA should eliminate LSU from BCS game consideration. Whether that happens remains to be seen on Saturday.