Photo from Icon SMI - Houston Nutt Baller Hatt

After Ole Miss’ loss to Arkansas yesterday 29-24, Houston Nutt went on a spree against a reporter who writes for, Neal McCready.

McCready picked the Rebels to lose 49-10, and Houston Nutt made it a point to take a shot at him in the post game press conference.

“They played real hard,” Nutt said. “They played harder than that 49-10, right, Neal? One on my players told me. I don’t read your stuff; they tell me what you say. One of my freshmen told me that Neal McCready wrote that we were going to get beat 49-10. It wasn’t no 49-10.

“It was a real effort and a real attitude out there about some guys out there against the number ninth ranked team in America,” Nutt continued. “That’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to keep these guys in a real effort and attitude of don’t ever give up, don’t quit, fight, no matter what people say. No matter what they say because see, they don’t know. They’re not the expert. They don’t have to commit and go through what you go through. And so I was just really proud of how they played. They stayed really focused. The attitude has been awesome, but I wish we were standing here with a W. We were close but it didn’t happen.”

McCready was picking his games just according to how we would pick them also, Houston. I would have picked Arkansas 49-10 most likely, and Clay Travis said the Arkansas-Ole Miss line was the ‘bet your mortgage pick’.

Turns out, all of us were wrong, but Nutt didn’t have to take it out on a reporter in the post game.

The fact that Nutt even brings this up, truly shows his frustration with this season – but he is winning moral victories out on the field.

Ole Miss has a young team, and Nutt will be fine if they can give him another couple of years with this team.

But I’m not sure he’ll get that chance.