Is Mathieu Running His Mouth Too Much?

I get the idea of swagger and playing with confidence. Both can be helpful – especially for defensive personnel. But, the honey badger, Tyrann Mathieu, may be taking this a bit far. Prior to the Tennessee game, he tweeted how the Vols’ receiver Da’Rick Rogers wouldn’t catch anything. ¬†Well, he did.

The video above is obviously made by a Tennessee fan which showcases the times yesterday where Rogers had the best of Mathieu.

Not that Mathieu didn’t play well. He did. Allowing a stud receiver like Rogers to get the ball a few times doesn’t equate to playing bad, but Mathieu runs his mouth the entire game. As you can see in the above clip, Rogers didn’t mind talking a little trash back after making the 44 yard catch shown above.

To give Mathieu credit on another play, I thought the play where he scooped up the punt that was bouncing nearly to a stand still then running 10-15 yards and drilling a Tennessee player before going out of bounds was an incredible play. The way Mathieu scooped up the ball and then put a lick on a tackler shows how much this guy loves to get the ball and how much he loves contact. Great ball player.

What do you think? Do you prefer your players to keep their mouth shut? I like a little trash talk, but every play is a bit ridiculous.