Tomorrow, the top-ranked player in the country, Jadeveon Clowney, will make his college destination known. What is unknown is if Clowney will actually qualify to make it into school next year.

When a kid waits this long to announce, there has to be some red flags going off. The red flags sometimes translate to having an underwhelming effect in college, for the most part. A great example is the recent recruitment and school selection of Bryce Brown. Brown waited long after NSD to announce for Tennessee, and he ended up hating it there and left last spring for Kansas State. So far, he hasn’t lived up to the hype.

Clowney could end up at Hargrave Military Academy, a postgraduate school that helps prospects get their grades up before going on to Division 1. The top prospect is said to have struggled early on during his high school career grade-wise, but he has no intentions of going to a postgraduate institution. He says he won’t have to; however, he may not have a choice.

So, whoever Clowney chooses tomorrow on ESPN (Clemson, South Carolina or Alabama), it could be delayed a year. Interestingly enough, he has liked Clemson more and more after signing day. Could it be that Clemson has promised him they will get him into school? It’s certainly an interesting question. If he chooses anywhere other than South Carolina, I will be certainly surprised.