PHOTO: Black Kentucky Football Uniforms

New Kentucky Football Uniforms Black 2011

According to the Nike Blog, Kentucky will wear these uniforms against Mississippi State this weekend. Mississippi State has also joined the football fashion show and will wear new uniforms later this season against Ole Miss. Kentucky will play Miss State at home this weekend and it will be a night game, so the university is calling for “black out” game from fans. Here’s what Joker Phillips said regarding the new uniforms:

“Anything that we can do to generate some excitement is good. I think there will be more excitement if we are making plays in those black uniforms. We explained to them that these uniforms don’t make plays and that the players wearing them have to prepare themselves and have the right attitude. If we don’t play well then we won’t see them again. They know that.”

“I have been in places where we had had uniforms like this and they are sharp-looking and kids like them. This is the way of the world and we just wanted to find the right time and if we were able to make it happen too.”

What’s your opinion on Kentucky’s black uniforms?