Recruiting is a lot like Christmas. There are presents already under the tree and a few that Santa will be delivering in early February. To help out, SDS and Calling Baton Rouge have enlisted the help of Mr. B Brubeck*.

B, let’ talk about the gifts Santa’s elves have already delivered to LSU and who might be showing up in the stockings at the recruiting bash.

Who is still on the wish list for LSU? Any chance to see them in purple and gold next year?

LSU is currently sitting on 21 commitments, so they are going to be very picky on who gets the next four spots.

1. Landon Collins is on top of LSU’s wish list and he will probably not decide until signing day. I would say he is 75% to LSU right now. His family wants him to go to LSU, but his girlfriend is going to Bama and he might not be thinking with the head on his shoulders.

2. Lorenzo Phillips – LB from Patterson should commit soon.

3. Jeremy Hill – RB from Redemptorist has said he will sign with LSU… long as his legal issues have been resolved.

4. QB Gunner Kiel is still a possibility. Contrary to reports, this will actually be a fight between Vandy and LSU. Distance is a factor and his Papa Kiel went to Notre Dame. But, his family is not high on the Irish coaching staff. Actually, the family is very high on the LSU staff and if Miles and company were in South Bend, Gunner would already be committed to the Irish. Anyway, everyone knows the Irish are about a decade and new coach away from being a national championship contender. Miles always has an ace in the hole on signing day, so expect a commitment from someone that the experts say we should not get (Anthony Alford or Channing Ward are also two other possibilities).

Which prospects are ready to go, batteries included and should make an immediate contribution like the Honey Badger or Freak Johnson?

With the talent in the last 2 classes, it looks like the 2012 freshmen will have an uphill battle.

But, the one guy I am looking at it is DE Torshiro Davis. He is a fierce pass rusher and could move into Ken Adams spot in the 2 deep. The only hope is that LSU can hold on to him. He has said that he wants to play early and says that the depth LSU has long the defensive line is a concern for him (and the other coaches in the SEC). Imagine, Barkevious and Torshiro sacking the QB. There is no way Verne Lundquist gets both those names right in one sentence.

Who are some players, that with some assembly required, could come in and make an immediate difference such as Odell Beckham?

Kavahra Holmes and Avery Johnson will both get big opportunities if Rueben Randle goes pro as expected. Holmes is probably the fastest player in the state and who can argue with Johnson’s blood line (PP7’s little brother). My sleeper is LB Lamar Louis, he just reminds me of former Rebel and current San Francisco LB, Patrick Willis…in purple and gold of course.

There were some players from last year’s class that weren’t the shiniest of the bunch, but still were fun to watch. Guys like Jarvis Landry on special teams and Jemauria Rasco on the DL. Who are some of the current Tigers and prospects that could work their way into the two-deep next year?

If Josh Dworaczyk does not get another year from the NCAA, Trai Turner or Corey White could start at guard. Look for La’El Collins to step into the starting line-up as well.

The recent OL talent that LSU has attracted (Austin, Collins, Turner & White) is just impressive. All are big, physical men who fit our offense style that will make our ground game even better next year. Elliot Porter will also move into the back-up center role behind Lonergan. Zach Mettenberger will be the starter at QB next year but look out for Jerrard Randall. He will be situational for us, but wow, he is lightening quick.

About last year’s class, any broken parts yet? Guys who should’ve been competing, but aren’t?

There are unconfirmed reports that Trevon Randle was released from the team this week. Miles rarely speaks about players who have left the team, so we will probably never get the whole story. Inside sources say he had an attitude about being red shirted and constantly broke minor team rules that when added up, Miles had no choice but to remove Randle from the team.

Where do you think this class will rank?

LSU is currently ranked 5th in Rivals class ranking. I think we end up third, behind only Texas and Bama.

*B BRUBECK – This lifelong Tiger fan was born and raised in the Deep South and is married with 2 future Tiger girls. If his house caught on fire, the first thing he would grab would be his LSU football tickets. Like their father, his children also have deep hatred for all things not purple and gold. A dedicated Tiger fan, B, has immersed himself in Tiger lore and boasts a wardrobe and Tiger den that would make most fans envious. In addition to being a season ticket holder and Traveling Tiger, he will be also be attending his 8th consecutive LSU recruiting bash this February.