PHOTOS: New LSU 2011 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

LSU 2011 Nike Pro Combat Football Uniforms

LSU 2011 Nike Pro Combat Football Uniforms

Nike Pro Combat Football Uniforms 2011 LSU

New LSU Uniforms Nike Football Under Armour Game

New Nike Football Uniforms LSU Auburn 2011

New 2011 LSU Football Helmet Nike Uniforms

2011 Football Uniforms Louisiana State University Nike

Louisiana State University Football Uniforms 2011 Nike

New LSU Football Gloves Nike Pro Combat 2011

What Do You Think About LSU’s New Nike Uniforms?

Here are some more photos:

Louisiana State University Football Uniforms 2011 Nike

Photos of New Nike Pro Combat Uniforms LSU

2011 LSU Football Shoes Nike Pro Combat

New Nike LSU Football Shoes Uniform Picture

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How do these compare to Georgia’s Nike Pro Combat Uniforms?



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  • At least this time it appears that Nike didn’t totally botch it as they have most of these “Pro Combat” uniforms. Seeing them on television will tell.

  • I like it. Will they wear this against MSU?

    • They are wearing them against Auburn on October 22, 2011. Auburn is sponsored by Under Armour, so it will be another fashion show…

      • In what way will it be a fashion show? The rumored all blue uniforms that Auburn supposedly had last year was just that, a rumor. Auburn’s uniforms haven’t changed much at all in over 40 years and why should they, every time a list is compiled of the best looking uniforms in college football AU is in the top 10, usually top 5.

  • Better than UGA-lys unis. I like the ghost tiger stripes on the helmet and numbers.

  • Good God. Could Nike PLEASE just keep their stupid, ugly uniforms away from the SEC? Stop changing the uniforms, especially the helmets. And the thing with the gloves is just lame.

  • I think we’re seeing a bubble in the secret decoder graphics on the gloves. Put your hands together and create a secret image!

    Overall, these are pretty good – much better than the boise and georgia uni’s… the glove thing has to go though.

  • The least repulsive set of that “pro combat” nonsense yet. At least the wearers will look like football players, not power rangers or something out of “Rollerball”.

  • This needs to stop. If you’re Oregon and have no real tradition, then go for it. But if you are year-in year-out one of the best in the country and have a dominant tradition, why deviate from it? I hope Tennessee burns their black jerseys. An occasional throwback is ok, but alternates are just annoying. Be proud of your tradition. Go Vols.

  • These uniforms are still pretty bad. I agree, every team will soon have gloves that create their logo when put together and it is getting annoying. USC’s pro combat uniforms a couple years ago (I think) were cool, and Bama’s were cool last year since really the only thing they changed was putting ghost houndstooth behind the numbers and stripes. I like them using gold gold and not yellow gold but the way they use it is awful. I would have been happy if they just switched those 2 things on the uniforms. These still look too power-rangery.

  • Jordan Jefferson is gonna love those new shoes!

  • I like them. However, I wish they would have made the pants gold instead of white.

  • Much better than Nike’s other ones… like the Stupid Uniform Bowl (Kick off Classic) with Boise State & the UGA-ly power rangers outfits.

    • If it Walks like a Duck, Talks like a Duck, and Acts like a Duck; it’s probably a Tiger. Nike owns Oregon (literally) so any team that beats them, gets the left-over Oregon ideas. Just something to think about. The gloves need to go in the trash, not on the field.

  • at least they dont look like power rangers

  • The gloves look awesome.

  • Unis are cool, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that any team that made a total changed to there unis have won a Championship in the BCS era. Role with your tradition, that’s a brand in and of itself.

  • DY-NO-MITE GLOVES, SHOES, HELMETS, everything is cool, but it looks like blue instead of purple. Oh and it needs some gold lining in the numbers.
    The nike one last year was more contemporary and good, again, the colors were off and you couldn’t read the helmets which were terrible for night games at the stadium.

  • Glad Bama stays out of the Uniform Business, yes last year they played a game with Hounstooth shadowed in the white letters of the jersy, but if you didn’t know and your were watching on TV you wouldn’t have noticed it. Bamas uniforms are known just by seeing them, and their program is one of the best in the nation, so they have no reason to play project runway. LSU’s look better than most of them out there, but since the Saban days the program has turned a corner and really has no reason to do this. Oregon and Maryland maybe needs this, but not anyone in the SEC needs to. Georgia looked like power rangers against Bosie and played like them too.

  • why doesn’t LSU have a home jersey (purple or gold) instead of only wearing white?