Mississippi State Told To ‘Leave Those Cowbells At Home’

Mississippi State Bulldogs Football Fans Ringing Cowbells

Mississippi State Bulldogs Respect The Bell

When the Mississippi State Bulldogs travel to Memphis on Thursday, September 1st, they will be traveling without their cowbells.

Memphis confirmed the cowbells are not allowed at the Liberty Bowl, where both teams will open their seasons.

Also, Florida posted the same cowbell ban last year in the Swamp. However, I was there, and the cowbells were present despite this ban.

The Gator Bowl did allow State fans to ring their bells when they thrashed Michigan 52-14.

State fans will just have to ring their bells at Scott Field this season thanks to the cowbell compromise made by the SEC athletic directors and presidents. Click here to read more about Miss State Cowbells.

Miss State Cowbells Mississippi State Bulldogs Football



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  • They should be banned from every stadium. Including their own. It’s funny that the NCAA banned them 10 years ago and they still use them….

    • Why should the be banned? Because they are loud? If you dont want to go to a loud energetic game go to the Vandy/UConn game! Im a huge Bama fan and it doesnt bother me one bit. Its not Miss St. fault that they cant get 100k+ screaming fans so they make up for it with 60k Cowbells. And BTW, who follows NCAA rules anymore anyways?

      • Actually they were banned in 1974 and they got even more use when they were banned at least now we ring them respectfully only at certain times but if you ban them you can be sure we will ring them whenever we want. and we could pull 100k to a game if our stadium wasn’t small it only seats 55k and it is sold out every game.

      • I agree! Some people just like to spoil everyone’s fun. We play them and it doesn’t bother me! Rammer Jammer!

    • Let’s take the OU Sooners wagon from them – let’s take every tradition away from every other school. That’s what they’re doing to State. It’s nothing more than sour grapes from “some” fans. I agree with most others posting here – the tradition should stay. If you don’t want to hear them, don’t come to the games.

    • Let the cowbell ring! I’m pretty sure there is no NCAA ban against cowbells. The SEC is the one who banned them, and that rule officially changed for the 2010 season (allowed with limits). Other schools ring bells or have artificial noisemakers of some sorts. The MSU cowbell just works better.

      That said, I’ve been promoting our opponents show up with pack full of those vuvuzelas (the world cup soccer horns from South Africa). But do better than Michigan did. They tried it, and flopped with it, against the bell. SEC fans have more spirit and fight so I think they can make it one crazy environment.

    • Personally as an Alabama supporter, I think it is ridiculous to try to ban the Miss State cowbells. Why should anyone care? Let them ring their bells!!!!!

  • This happens every time STATE has a successful season. The cowbell will never go away even if we have to have another 50K standing outside the stadium ringing them.

  • What a joke. It’s football – the stadium is supposed to be loud. You didn’t pay to go to a tennis game – you paid to go to a college football game – more precise an SEC football game!

  • THIS IS STRAIGHT BULLSH–!!!!!! Every time we have a successful season, other schools’ fans start CRYING that we shouldn’t be able to ring our cowbells!! SERIOUSLY??!!!! The cowbells DON’T PLAY on every down…THE PLAYERS DO!!!!! It’s not our fault that YOUR school doesn’t have a long-standing, supportive tradition like ours!!! Memphis is only doing this because they know STATE IS GONNA TEAR THAT @$$ UP!!!!…with or WITHOUT the ‘bells!!!! If STATE needs to get rid of the cowbells, then EVERY SINGLE school with ANY type of artificial noise maker should be made to

    • I am a Bama fan and I think you should be able to keep your cow bells! I think it is very petty of other school to ban your fans from bringing your cow bells! Rammer Jammer! Roll Tide!

    • The big boys in the SEC dont need artificial noise makers, we have 80K plus fans. How is ringing a bell tradition? Its a cheap way to make noise, thats all. Bring your stupid bells cause no one cares, your best season in like 20 years was 9-4, 4-4 in the conference. MSU will never be a powerhouse in the SEC no matter how many bells you bring.

      • State Cowbells won’t ever be completely taken out… For the morons that want to open their mouths and speak w/o knowing about any of it, the tradition came from an eggbowl game against TSUN in the 30’s, where a cow wandered on State’s field. We then beat TSUN pretty bad. So we then brought a cow to the field for luck, then stopped and just started bringing cowbells.

        And for the comment we’ve never had a good season in 20 years…’98 and ’99 10-2 winning the West in ’98, only losing to Tenn( the national champions) in the SEC Championship. ’99 went 8-0 before losing to Bama. So 12 yrs is the same as 20 yrs??? Guess we learn something new everyday.

        So blow us off as any Vandy/Memphis kinda team u want. but u ask any Bama fan, they never assume a ‘W’ when we play.

      • All the more reason to ‘love’ Auburn. Eagles, Tigers, ???? At least we know who we are…and we don’t pay for Heisman candidates and national titles.

  • …discontinue their use. NO ARTIFICIAL NOISE MAKERS OF ANY TYPE AT ANY GAMES!….Make that happen then we’ll consider giving up our cowbells!!!!!

  • It’s a tradition and it’s Great! It’s great (to us) cause it’s OUR tradition. We, however, have ZERO political power, just like TSUN had ZERO political power and thus lost their tradition – while that makes some MSU people happy, it makes me want to puke that the “liberal powers that be” took that away from them!!! I have always said exactly what TIdeRoller13 said – we can’t get 100,000 fans (despite the dream world BullDawgBash 19 is living in), but we CAN make the noise of 100,000 with 60,000 and a bunch of cowbells! Let’s have another GREAT one like last year and enjoy Coach Mullen while we have him (another pipe dream if you think he won’t eventually take twice the money and move on – even if he doesn’t want to, if he wins at that level at MSU, someone will pay him too much & he’ll have to leave. Just like if any reader on this site was offered twice the money to go to their biggest competitor – YOU WOULD!!). Now, for the season – YIKES – pipe dreamers – let’s consider 1) how many can we realistically win out of road games at AU & UGA & even UK (no matter if they are down or not, those are ROAD SEC Games – don’t brag on the conference and then think those will be easy) & how successful have we been in Little Rock?, 2) How many home games can we win against LSU (I guess after 13 losses in a row we might finally beat them), Bama – they are just always damn good, and South Carolina – IF Garcia is “on”, this is the most talented offensive team in the SEC – I DON”T listen to the hype here in Columbia – but they could be REALLY, REALLY good & “the Ole Ball Coach” still knows a little about how to win football games. If we do have a GREAT season going in to that Juco game at the end, they are just evil enough to ruin it (I seriously doubt it though). So, since I don’t think Mullen ever loses to teams he should beat – we have wins over Memphis, La Tech, UAB (let’s AT LEAST get the program to a level we NEVER have to play La Tech or UAB ON THE ROAD – simply NASTY), Tn-Martin (let’s also NEVER play a team this low again – I’d rather keep the money in MS and play J-State or the “Corn”) & TSUN – that’s 5 wins. We win 2 of the 4 SEC road games and 2 of the 3, LSU, South Carolina & Bama and that’s 9 – 3 – a MIRACULOUS season (I’d go with 8 – 4). All simply For What It’s Worth! GO DAWGS!!

  • Time for them to go… NO ARTIFICIAL NOISE MAKERS….

    It gives an unfair advantage when the opposing team gets in the red zone and they are surrounded by ARTIFICIAL NOISE MAKERS. Why don’t we just start a new tradition with some air horns when MSU comes to town.

  • Artificial noisemakers of any kind provide an advantage. The question is, does it provide any more advantage than, let’s say, 100,000 crimson-clad voices booming down on top of you? Or 92,000 drunk screaming Boudreaux’s under the lights? Or a 13th man? Or a White Out? Or a blue field?

    This is one of those school traditions (along with “Woo Pig” and a myriad of others) that ONLY fits the SEC, I’m glad that it’s come under SOME regulation, and would hate to see it taken away from the game.

    … although, I DO like CockyMike’s air horn idea! War Eagle!!

    • What happened to the air horns? People use to take them to games…guess they were banned as well. Now, think hard about this before replying. Bands….our nice big college bands. They use artificial noise makers….I know they make a great sound but by definition, the instruments are man made/artificial noise makers. Are they next to be banned. State’s cowbells are tradition as are bands. We’ve seen many schools lose traditional mascots, fight songs, etc because a minority of people decided they were offensive. I am a Mississippi State graduate and proud of my university as most of us here are. I am proud of the SEC as the best football conference in the USA. But I have watched as our rival neighbors to the North (the Rebels) have lost their mascot, their flag, and their fight song. Long time traditions at that school. Now their mascot is a black bear…come on!!! Watch out Auburn…someone eventually will come after you as well. Do you have a live Tiger mascot? And what happened to Auburn Eagles…did you give that one up? When do we as a majority take a stand? Oh that’s right MSU students, fans, and alumni took a stand back in 1974….NOT TO GIVE UP THEIR COWBELLS!

  • Travelling without the bells my ass. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Would just like to say these things:

    1) If artificial noisemakers don’t put players at a disadvantage, why can’t the bands play whenever they want? I don’t know if you realize this but the principle behind an air horn or a cowbell making noise is the same that works when I play my sousaphone. It’s not like the laws of physics and principles of acoustics change for an MSU cowbell. I promise you, if I were to walk into a game with my baby, it would get confiscated (if I were allowed in at all). What makes one generator different from another? I mean, I understand they made me learn to play the thing at 120 dbs as my “quiet” volume without sounding like garbage but there aren’t exactly ten thousand let alone fifty-five thousand of me either.

    2) If MSU fans care so much about tradition, why do they play all over ours at 3rd quarter every year? I can understand when they’re playing as the home team, but when they’re visitor… Dude, that’s just rude. Til then, really should be really searching for and confiscating those things at other stadiums. Not just looking in purses but folds in jackets, emptying bags, coolers, pockets, fanny packs (dude, it’s 2011 who wears those).