New Oregon Uniforms for LSU Game


Well, Nike and the University of Oregon Ducks are at it again. These new Nike Pro Combat Uniforms will be worn on September 3rd at Jerry World in Dallas when Oregon plays gets beat by the LSU Tigers. Check out the photos here:

New 2011 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Oregon Ducks

New Oregon Football Uniform 2011 Nike Pro Combat

Oregon Ducks Nike Black Attack Uniform 2011 LSU

Oregon Ducks 2011 Nike Pro Combat Uniform LSU

Nike Football Uniform Oregon Ducks 2011 LSU Tigers

Nike Oregon Ducks Football Uniform Black 2011

New Nike Uniforms Oregon Ducks 2011 Black Attack

Oregon Ducks LSU Uniforms 2011 Nike Pro Combat

Oregon Uniforms vs LSU Tigers September 3 2011

New Oregon Ducks Football Uniforms Nike 2011

Oregon Ducks Football Uniforms vs LSU Tigers Dallas

Oregon Ducks Black Football Helmet Nike 2011

Oregon Ducks New Football Shoe Nike 2011

New Oregon Ducks Nike Football Shoe Green 2011

Oregon Ducks Nike Football Shoe Green LSU Game

Oregon Ducks Under Uniforms Nike Pro Combat LSU 2011

New Oregon Nike Pro Combat Uniforms 2011 LSU Game



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  • Like wearing black to their own funeral.

    • A uniform aint gonna save’em against the SEC.. Its called domination, and the SEC West is going to do just that (except ole miss.. glad they wanted Nutt! lol, they must love mediocrity).

      I cannot wait for this season! Go Razorbacks! (fyi, if ya think we wont be as good without Mallett, word is out of camp that the receivers are saying Wilson is better. Say that Wilson knows how to throw the touch pass, whereas Mallett only threw bullets, and Wilson can slip the ball into the pocket)… Its gonna be fun watchin the SEC West dominate again! I wouldnt want to be in any other conference. Ya gotta play the best to be the best.

    • I’m looking forward to Oregon and Boise state putting a butt woopin on these teams from the south. No titles when your teams can’t play a title game where they just get voted in. USC would won half the titles the SEC has won if they could have had the chance to play Florida. And, what a joke that Newton was eligible last year. Politics and money at it’s best.

      • Don’t get to excited it would be really sad for you when your dreams don’t come true. And USC would have never one a championship had they played an SEC team. And had they been lucky enough to possibly get one win, it wouldn’t matter because they would have to have forfeited the season. But hey, you can still live in wonderland. I hear it’s a nice place. But no where near as nice as reality.

  • The Ducks should have talked to Georgia before going all black. Didn’t work for the dawgs and it will not work for the ducks. RTR!!

  • can’t you just see all the history of a storied program in those uniforms…..oh wait

  • Great to see Oregon has gone “green” by recycling Tron: Legacy 3D leftover costuming.

  • At least they will look good when they lose…SEC, SEC, SEC :-)

  • These uniforms blow georgia’s out the water!

  • Oregon’s no Geogia, boys. SEC has two good teams this year. ‘Bama and South Carolina. Plus, Oregon has way hotter cheerleaders. Ducks roll by 20 in Dallas. GO DUCKS!!

    • are you really this stupid? First of all, if your going to claim that the sec has only 2 good teams, it helps if you name their 2 best teams….alabama and lsu. south carolina at best might be the fourth best in the conference behind arkansas as well. second of all, how can you claim a victory by 20? not only is it going to be a close game, but oregon is going to lose. SEC has won the last 5 national championships and they are gonna win their 6th this season. Go home big 10, big 12, pac 10, and acc fans. you all lose. sec wins. you should be used to it by now

      • It’s the pac-12 now you dumb ass. And Auburn totally cheated for that win. The guy was DOWN. I saw it up close with ESPN. Not gunna lie, it’s going to be a big game, but um, how will LSU do with 4 key players in JAIL?? Hope they have cable so they can see their school LOSE.

        • Explain how a decision made by a REF means Auburn cheated. That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard.

  • No matter how cool your uniform looks, it doesn’t make you play any better. Oregon will figure that out very soon.

  • Not as bad as when they played us, War Eagle! But I still feel like my television is going to look like it threw up a highlighter! What’s up with that?

  • Nike marketing. Phil Knight is a genius. Right now you SEC clowns are talking about Oregon’s new Nike uni’s and at the same time, Phil gets to fund his alma mater through a public company. Fantastic.

    As far as Mr. War Eagle, I really can’t say anything. Auburn beat us in a great game and fans outnumbered us 2-1 in the stadium. Dammit.

    Still think we roll the Tigers by 20.

  • What is wrong the Oregon and Boise, dont they know that this is not a fashion contest? And Georgia of all teams gets sucked into the attention whore status, pro combat, what a joke. Let the titans of the SEC show up in traditional uni’s and bury these teams in their glamor and glitz! Do it on the scoreboard and on the field not on the Nike commercials. Just like the Tigers of 2010, Oregon showed up in another new uniform and got shown up, and Auburn like always showed up with pride and tradition, something the Oregon knows nothing about! GO SEC and WAR DAMN EAGLE!

    • Oregon lost on a last second field goal against a team that basically cheated their way into an Nat’l Championship. Please explain how that is “getting shown up”, ya sister kisser.

      • I dont know if you actually watched the game but Auburn drove the length of the field and chewed the clock, the field goal was intentional. If oregon was worth a damn they would have stopped Auburn but they couldnt, know why? Because Auburn was the best team in the nation! Chew on that. As far as Auburn ‘cheating’ their way through the season, where is the proof? Nuff said, War Eagle bitch.

  • You can talk all you want about uniforms but how will Jordon Jefferson pass from jail? Do they have cable in jail?

  • alabama roll tide roll and i see all black for the big o huh i like the new look but u know thay cant win a bcs with all black

  • Leave it to somebody not from the South to show up dressed in all black in early September. Word is…it’s going to be 137 degrees in Dallas that day…in the shade. That’s ok…there’s more than one way to roast a Duck! Geaux Tigers!!!

    • You hit the nail squarely on the head. Phil Knight may be a “marketing genius”, but those players are going to burn up in the hot Texas sun. It’s only a little over 100 degrees in Texas in September, and that’s before you get in the stands or on the field, especially if you’re wearing black.

    • That’s why they’re playing indoors.

  • LOL @ the inbred SEC homers. There is nothing worse than cheering on a rival from your own conference. Yeeehaw slackjaws!

    • A perfect example of fear and unconcifidence. When a fan from another conference goes on to other conference’s board and throws out baseless insults because of his hatred for said conference and uses this oppurtinaty to make himself feel better about his disgust with constantly being embarrassed by that conference.

      • Yeah, what is up with that? I love college football and the SEC and better yet I am an ALABAMA fan. However, I couldn’t care less about anyone from another conference. Do you troll our websites for tips or clues on how to build a bad ass football team? If you hate the SEC so much get off our webpage.

  • don’t you have to wear something more than once for it to be a uniform? The ducks haven’t worn the same combination in like 4 years. I would say they don’t have a uniform.

  • SEC all the way….S E C might be so far ahead of all the others…we could just have us 2 teams in the BCS championship game….ha!

  • Ya’ll are a conceited bunch hahaha… but im not gonna lie these uniforms are so fye

  • News flash to those that knock the idea of these “fashionable” uniforms. LSU will have them this year as well. They are waiting until a big SEC game to wear them. UGA is alone in their hunt for attention…at least LSU will win attention through games and not just by fashion.

  • Leave it to nike to bring the xfl to college football. If only these uni’s actually helped maybe OU would stand a chance.

  • NEWS FLASH to Go Cox: UGA is 45-15 against SC… and we arent trying to get attention by wearing new unis…were getting attention by stepping out and taking on the #5 team in the nation in week 1. Whos SC playing again? Oh yeah East Carolina?…Yall should find something better to do with your time than hate on other teams. I love how SC fans get “COCKY” after 1 cheap win last year.

  • OH and to all the Bama Fans who are still boasting about beating UGA in Black 3 YEARS AGO….guess youre so proud of that game because it was the first time you had beaten UGA since 1995? Dont you have a National Title to celebrate since then? Youd think that would ease the bitterness. Why dont you clowns go poison some trees and stay off the computer?

    • WOW, hate much? Look as much as I despise Georgia, I really hope they kick the s&^% out of Boise State and maybe they will shut up about being the best in a nothing conference. However, if you are looking from the outside in, it seems like Georgia should be worried about other things than new uniforms, esp with tution rising and the hope scholarship decreasing, even weren’t struggling on the field right now. Besides, this is football, who cares about uniforms?

  • Anyone who says these uniforms aren’t sweet is kidding themselves. And there’s nothing wrong with looking good playing the game of football, all you duck-haters. And for LSU/SEC fans, at least our starting QB isn’t a thug that kicks a defenseless man in the face and is now suspended for the game you guys are so confident you will win.

    • I actually picked oregon in this game..and yeah the matte black is pretty badass. I think LSU will hafta get some big turnovers and good feild position to win.