5 More Reasons West Virginia Is A Bad Fit For The SEC

We all know West Virginia wants to get into the Southeastern Conference…

They claim to be southern, but there is a big difference between Southern Hospitality and the way these hillbillies act. Even though the SEC has heated rivalries, we still cheer “SEC SEC SEC” when our teams are playing out of conference opponents. The fans from West Virginia do not fit this description.

I understand there are bad apples in every batch of football fans, but when we’ve already seen expletive t-shirts on national television, more shameful shirts making fun of natural disasters, and rumors about fights including pregnant women, it seems this behavior is more typical than what’s found at other higher level institutions.

Busted Coverage has more dirt on the West Virginia fans, but here are 7 photos from tailgating this past weekend. Check out that website for more.

West Virginia Education Southeastern Conference Schools

Big West Virginia Football Fan Classy Mountaineers

West Virginia Hillbilly WVU Mountaineers Football Fans

West Virginia Football Fans Crowd WVU Mountaineers

Photo of West Virginia Football Fan with Baby

What’s your opinion of West Virginia Fans? SEC material?