REMATCH ON: Alabama vs LSU In BCS Championship

Despite Oklahoma State’s impressive win, it wasn’t enough to overtake Alabama in the BCS. Alabama will take on LSU in the first ever All-SEC BCS Championship Game.

A sixth straight BCS Championship for the conference is now a given, and two SEC teams facing off in the BCS Championship marks a new level in dominance for the best football conference in the country.

Nothing against Oklahoma State, but most college football fans believe Alabama is the better #2 team and thus deserving of getting into the BCS game – regardless of whether or not the two teams have played during the regular season.

We now have a month to discuss and predict what will happen in the rematch, but it is official SEC fans… The Rematch Is On.

Here are some highlights from November 5th:



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  • Now, I would like to see Arkansas and Georgia matched up with some of these other “pretenders” to see how they really stack up with the SEC!

  • 4 top 10 teams, no big deal.

  • Just another year in the SEC! The country’s undisputed PRIMIER football conference!

  • 4 teams in the top 10! 2 more finishing out the top 25! Only thing I wish was that Ark or Ga could go to the Sugar!
    And for the record…. RTR!

  • This is going to be an incredible game! I hope the stadium begins it with cheers… SEC! SEC! SEC!!!!

  • The internet is alive with a seething hatred of the rematch. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! ROLL TIDE ROLL! And congratulations to LSU for winning the SEC.

  • Bama is gonna win this one

    • Not really. LSU has more weapons this go around and 50000+ LSU fans in a dome will make 100000 in bryant denny sound like michigan.

      • But the only reason Alabama lost to the Tigers earlier in the season was because of poor kicking. If Alabama had made two out of the four kicks that they had missed, they would have won the game. Also, Bama has two things that LSU lacks, a solid running back and one consistent quarterback. Because of this, I think Alabama will slightly edge out LSU.

        • LSU has 4 solid running backs and 2 decent quarterbacks. November 5th was anyones game to win. Just happened to be us. I don’t think we got alabama’s best effort and I know they didn’t get ours. We both have a month to prepare, THIS is the game of the century. Although I don’t think it’s fair to the other conferences, I can say the BCS picked the two best teams to play. I am extremely proud to be a fan of the SEC. Geaux tigers :)