If you had to choose one player to get off the bus first for your team and create an intimidation factor, who would it be? If I had my choice, I would choose the following man-beasts to lead my team:

Alabama: OL DJ Fluker, 6-6 340lbs, JR

Auburn: DL Gabe Wright, 6-4 310lbs, FR

Arkansas: OL Anthony Oden, 6-8, 330lbs, JR

Florida: DL Shariff Floyd, 6-3, 301, SO

Georgia: DL Johnathan Jenkins, 6-4, 340lbs, JR

Kentucky: OL Burt Mingey, 6-7, 330lbs, SO

LSU: OL Josh Willford, 6-7, 324lbs, SO

Mississippi State: OL / DL James Carmon, 6-7, 345lbs, SR

Ole Miss: OL Terrell Brown, 6-11, 390lbs, SR

South Carolina: OL Brandon Shell, 6-7, 290lbs, FR

Tennessee: OL JerQuari Schofield, 6-6, 331lbs, SO

Vanderbilt: OL Kyle Fischer, 6-6, 310lbs, SR

Terrell Brown from Ole Miss might be the biggest football player in the country at 6-11, 390lbs. I wonder if this kid has any coordination? Anyone? He probably gets double meal money on road trips.