Heading into week four, there are a few teams that should be on upset watch. While any team can be viewed as being on possible upset watch any given week, there are three teams that could produce upsets this weekend.

Will they happen? Who knows, but you can bet I’ll be tuned in to check them out.

1. No. 14 Arkansas vs. No. 2 Alabama:

Arkansas could have the best chance of the three games to upset a higher ranked opponent this weekend in Tuscaloosa in the Alabama Crimson Tide. Quarterback Tyler Wilson will be bringing his high-powered offense for his first start on the road, while Alabama will try to hit the Hogs in the mouth the first play of the game. I think Alabama will run the football to keep the Hogs off the field, but if the game is close, Arkansas could pull off just enough plays to win this one. Alabama is on upset watch this week.

2. No. 2 LSU vs. No. 16 West Virginia:

LSU on the road in front of every rabid WVU fan sounds like a very hostile environment. ESPN College GameDay will be there, and you can bet every Mountaineer fan this side of Montana will be there hammered and wanting to fight all LSU fans. The LSU fan base might have found a formidable opponent because they burn couches up there, people! Nonetheless, this will be a tough game on the road for the Tigers, but I hope this defense absolutely shuts down the WVU offense.

3. Vanderbilt vs. No. 12 South Carolina:

Yeah, I did it. I put the Gamecocks on upset watch. The Commodores are ranked fourth in the SEC in running defense, and obviously, South Carolina will try to run the football against them. This year, Vanderbilt’s defensive specialty has been taking the ball away from the opponent, most notably through interceptions, and I fully expect the Ole Ball Coach to keep the ball on the ground because the passing game is not very good right now. The Commodores could shock the world in this one, as the Gamecocks have not played up to their hype for the first three weeks into the season.

While I’m not sure if any of these will actually happen, you can make a case for all three games this weekend…even Vanderbilt. Let me hear you, Commodore fans!