Tailgating Traditions at Auburn

This past weekend, I was in Clemson, SC, for the Auburn at Clemson game. While the result on the field didn’t go Auburn’s way, there was no shortage of great tailgating from Auburn fans before the game. When I first arrived at the game, this group of Auburn fans pulled up right next to me.

Seeing how they brought their tailgating on the road, it reminded me of tailgating at Auburn during the 2010 season.

In Clemson, I experienced their “Running down the Hill” which is sometimes referred to as the “The Most Exciting 25 seconds in College Football.” While this is a great tradition, the Auburn Tigers have two gameday traditions that are just as impressive.

The Tiger Walk

As I mentioned in an earlier post, The Tiger Walk is one of my favorite SEC traditions. In my opinion, it is the most exciting player walk out there. With thousands of people high-fiving players as they walk single file to the stadium is something truly unique!  If you have never taken part in the Tiger Walk, let me show you what my experience was like.

Half an hour or so before the players are supposed to arrive, fans begin lining up on either side of the yellow median. As you look down the line you can tell from the fans reactions when the players have arrived! Then it is all cheers and high-fives!

Rolling Toomer’s Corner

This gameday tradition occurs after an Auburn win. Rolling the trees in Toomer’s Corner is the only way to celebrate an Auburn victory! With an undefeated season last year, there was a whole lot of toilet paper on these trees!

This is what the trees look like during the fourth quarter.

When the game ends and Auburn has secured another victory, Tiger fans head over to Toomer’s Corner with Toilet Paper in hand!

It all starts with the first roll being flung into the air! About 20 minutes later, the trees are covered!

Unfortunately these trees are now dying and this tradition may be lost. I am not sure what will be done in its place and how it will be changed, but I know something will happen. The passion and tradition of SEC football is like no other conference. I am confident this gameday tradition will live on in a new form.

If you are visiting Auburn for the first time, I would definitely recommend taking part in these game day traditions!

Taylor Mathis is a photographer and passionate football fan. Visit his blog, Taylor Tailgates, to see more of his tailgating photos and information as well as follow his travels this coming football season.



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