Texas A&M Is Officially Invited Into The SEC

Texas A&M Aggies Southeastern Conference SEC Invitation

Texas A&M Aggies Southeastern Conference SEC InvitationThe SEC Presidents held a meeting last night in Atlanta, and the early word filtering out of that meeting indicates that Texas A&M received the sufficient amount of votes to gain an invitation to join the Southeastern Conference.

There will likely be a press conference today following last night’s vote, and President R. Bowden Loftin will accept the invitation.

Also, there are rumblings that SEC Commissioner Mike Slive has been given authority by the SEC presidents to negotiate with both West Virginia and Missouri to possibly be the fourteenth conference member.

This could get very interesting.

Update: Baylor has withdrawn their approval of Texas A&M withdrawing from the Big XII, and there could be a possible suit pending. The SEC will not approve TAMU until this possible suit gets resolved or dropped. Look, Baylor has no choice here but to fight to keep this thing together. They are the about to be homeless – as in no conference to call home – because the Big XII is about to fall apart.



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  • Very interesting indeed. I welcome Texas A&M to the SEC, & would also like to welcome Oklahoma or Missouri, Virginia Tech, & a North Carolina school one day soon. Some traditions will die, but the future of college football is upon us. And it’ll be OK, just different.

  • West Virginia! I’m not sure I’m up for venturing into West Virginia territory. Them is some weird folk.

    • Ha Ha,,, hey Ron I’ve been there in the past. It’s not that bad just don’t sit to close to the fans and take a gun cause they for sure will be carrying knifes !!!!!

    • A guy named Ron “Zook” should not be worried about other folk being weird.

  • Baylor may sue Texas A&M and is holding up the process now…

  • What could WVU possibly bring to the table? Half the state of Missouri doesn’t even know they play college football in that state.

    • Paul, really? What planet have you been living on. WVU has played in 2 bowl games in last 20 years for national championship. They have been habitual champions of the Big East. They are 7-2 in their last 9 outings against SEC schools. They whooped the SEC champion (GA) the last time they meet them in the Sugar Bowl, which was by the way, played in Atlanta because Katrina had wiped out New Orleans. They are a Powerhouse in Big East Basketball, the best basketball conference in the country, and we all know that the SEC needs all the help they can get in Basketball. I’m not worried about what WVU can bring to the SEC, I’m just wondering what the SEC has to offer us.

  • Baylor needs to sue texas for being so greedy and tearing the conference apart

    • so true. Texas is the only school that should be blamed for the fall of the Big 12. You can’t go out and sign a TV deal that monopolizes the state and expect everyone else to be cool with that.

  • I really like this move to add Texas A&M to the SEC West, but now we have to get another east team to match. I would love to see Clemson join next. I know you Gamecock fans wouldn’t like it but they are an extremely passionate fanbase with a great venue for football in the south. I don’t think FSU should be added because that will hurt every other SEC school that recruits heavily in Florida.

    • As a Clemson alum, I would love to see the Tigers join the SEC. Clemson is one of the few schools that can recruit for the same athletes as SEC schools, even though we haven’t had much success getting championship performances out of them. By joining the SEC that would force IPTAY to change its practices of controling the coaches behind the scenes in order to compete. Just as important (to me at least) would be the chance to chew up the Gators – I grew up in Jacksonville in the “Wait till next year” years and hate them Gators with a passion.

      Note to Gamecocks; while having Clemson join might be a strain on recruiting instate, think of the revenue generated by having the annual game as a conference game, especially if the game decides the East!

  • Bring on the Aggies. I am looking forward to this conference establishing itself in Texas. You want to talk about maximizing your brand? SEC is doing just that.

  • I think the 14th team needs to be Virginia Tech. They have a strong program that is more similar to the existing SEC schools. If not Va Tech then one of the North Carolina schools would make the most sense geographically for the East (granted they are weaker programs than Va Tech). Florida will block FL State, Georgia will block GA Tech, and USC will block Clemson – nobody wants a competing SEC team in their backyard (just ask Ole Miss, Auburn, and Vandy).

  • I have no clue why West Virginia would even be considering coming to the SEC. The schools that play in the SEC are meant to be powerhouses. Smash mouth defense and an offense that can put up big numbers. Yes, WVU has the offense to put up big numbers, but their defense isnt what I would consider SEC material. As far as Mizzou goes… I didnt even realize they still had a football team. The only people that they would be able to compete with would be Vandy and Kentucky. Personally, Clemson seems like the best choice to me. Gamecock fans might not be too fond of it, but Clemson usually always has a ball team that can compete with just about anyone.

  • I say take Missouri or Texas Tech for the west and North Carolina and Duke for the east. Imagine, Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke all in the same conference during basketball season. Talk about revenue increase……

  • I’m not sure why WVU would want to go into the SEC either. I mean afterall, WVU is 7-2 against the SEC in their last 9 games. SEC basketball is subpar compared to the Big East. The last time WVU meant the SEC football champion (GA) in a game they beat them hard at the “neutral” location in Atlanta. WVU followed this up with beating the SEC basketall champion (KT) in the NCAA tournament. I don’t think WVU needs them, but the SEC could defintely use the help WVU would bring.