Love it or Loathe it: Tennessee Orange

Look at the sea of orange outside Neyland stadium. This is what game day in Knoxville looks like.

That orange you see isn’t just any orange, it is #f77f00 in the hexadecimal color system, but let’s just stick with Tennessee or Vol Orange.

Whether you love it or hate it, every SEC fan has an opinion on Tennessee’s trademark color.

Opponents say it is way too bright or just plain awful looking. Vol fans disagree and will cover themselves from head to toe.

Haven’t made up your mind ? Take a look at these pictures from the Alabama at Tennessee game last season.

Even Knoxville’s fall colors show their allegiance to the Vols.

Even the cups and cake are orange!

You surely must now have an opinion of this shade of orange. I am sure some of you are thinking, “Where can I find those orange cups for my tailgate” while others might feel nauseated and are looking for a bathroom.

Love it or Loathe it, one thing that you can always count on is wherever you find Tennessee Vol fans, they bring their signature orange with them.

So to you Florida fans, get ready for plenty of Tennessee Orange this weekend. I know the Tennessee faithful will bring plenty of their orange when they make the trip to the Swamp.



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  • Thanks for the hex # for us designers. Still can’t help but feel like my retinas are burning from that road worker, ex-con orange. ;) Nice fans and a great road trip, though. And THAT’S coming from an LSU fan!!

  • Greatest color in the world!

  • Everyone looks like a pumpkin… (runs for the bathroom)

  • Doesn’t make me sick, just queasy. Of course, being an Auburn fan, I have a very high tolerance for the color orange……not so much THAT shade of orange.

  • All teams with orange suck…

  • As a UT fan, growing up I always wondered where we got that color from..Then I went to see UT/Notre Dame game and I realized where it came from. The maple trees that blanket the campus and the hills all around the stadium….Its simply gorgeous…So I LOVE IT!!!

  • Looks like heaven!! :).

  • I dont think there is another color on this Earth that Makes me want 2 puke more than this 1…lol

  • Nothing makes a day quite right, like the orange and white!

  • Per the University of Tennessee Athletics website:

    Tennessee’s orange and white colors were selected by Charles Moore, a member of the first football team in 1891. They were later approved by a student body vote.

    The colors were those of the common American daisy which grew in profusion on The Hill, an area of campus surrounding Ayres Hall.

    Tennessee football players did not wear orange jerseys until the season-opening game in 1922. Coach M.B. Banks’ Vols won that game over Emory and Henry by a score of 50-0.

  • Didn’t they choose that color so they could go straight from the stadium to the deer stand?

    • Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency:
      “Although hunter numbers in the state have declined slightly since their peak of 242,000 in 1999, they have remained relatively stable since the turn of the century, averaging 217,400 deer hunters per year.”
      US Fish and Wildlife Services:
      (Data: National Hunting License Report, 2003): “Paid hunting license holders in the state of Alabama totaled 270,229.”

    • Boom.

      Consider yourself researched.

  • My husband is a gator and we are a house divided…literally. Our office has a line down the middle; one side orange and blue, one side orange and white (the more tastefully decorated side) . We were suprised when we went to buy paint, that according to Lowes computer, the two oranges were the same. Of course Lowe’s is not the ultimate authority.
    In all the SEC, we truly stand out and stand proud. Pound the Rock – Go VOLS!

  • we should wear our orange pants to Florida tomorrow… then all orange combo when we see Bama… make them really loathe it.

  • I agree that this color is one of the worst colors in the world. I literally hate the color orange. I love my crimson tho they could have at least picked better colors for their team. I think they made it so bright so you could see them and they wouldn’t get run over on their way to the stadium Lol. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason we say this and use the toilet paper and tide is for the Vols. Toilet paper is for the Vols tears sol they can dry them after Bama wins the Tide is so they can get the grass stains off the uniforms after we run them thru the dirt!!!!